Thursday, February 04, 2010

'Bolshevik plot,' Obama? Bingo! ~ By Erik Rush

Commentary from WorldNetDaily
Erik Rush By Erik Rush Posted: February 04, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern © 2010 Late last week, radio and television commentator Glenn Beck touched on something at which I hinted in my last column – that rather than putting on the brakes in light of Scott Brown's recent senatorial win and the summative occurrences leading up to same, the Obama administration would probably stomp on the gas. Beck's assessment was based on instructions contained in "Rules for Radicals," the Saul Alinsky tome that has been a holy text for President Obama's variety of progressives; this protocol calls for fierce augmentation of goal-oriented actions when threatened or thwarted, rather than falling back and regrouping. And it would appear that Beck – or perhaps Beck and I – were correct. As reported, early this week, Obama released his new $3.8 trillion budget plan, nearly half of which is deficit spending and which includes approximately $1.4 trillion in tax increases on businesses and "the wealthy."
Our economy has lost 7 million jobs over the last two years. And our government is deeply in debt. – President Obama, Feb. 1, 2010
This reality somehow renders all of the spending a perfectly rational and prudent course of action, I suppose. Obviously I'm being facetious, but one would think that given the Brown win, Republican gubernatorial wins in Virginia and New Jersey, and the ongoing battle within his own party over health-care reform legislation, Obama might have revising his budget or delaying its release. But he didn't. He unveiled it with a flourish, and on schedule, warts and all. Like in the stimulus bill of 2009, no doubt there will be billions in sheer, shameless waste, billions going to phantom ZIP codes, earmarks and pork, and untraceable billions that will find their way into the hands of Obama cronies (such as ACORN and SEIU), unions and uber-progressive states. READ FULL STORY >
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