Thursday, February 04, 2010

State of the Union just got worse ~ By Herman Cain

Commentary from WorldNetDaily
Herman Cain By Herman Cain Posted: February 01, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern © 2010 Last week I wrote an assessment of the real State of the Union. It was based on compelling and irrefutable facts. As expected, my assessment did not match what the president said last Wednesday in his State of the Union address. The president's address was filled with new rhetoric and old policy, more promises which had already been broken and more Bush-bashing. As a result, listeners did not get a sense of direction, a reassurance that we are safe, positive prospects for renewed prosperity, nor did we get a sense that we are more united as a nation. Obama supporters will say that he needs more time. Sorry, that dog will not hunt! We do not need another year of trying to spend our way to prosperity with more spending on government, and hardly any real incentives for businesses to start growing and hiring again. Even though the president said "Jobs will be our No.1 focus in 2010," people were left wondering "where's the beef!" We do not need to give President Obama more time to break the same promises he has already broken on transparency, pushing back on earmarks in proposed legislation and seriously listening to other ideas. And continuing to try and deflect all of our nation's problems on the eight years before he took office is a really bad excuse for a serious lack of leadership. And then things got worse. I am not talking about the just reported growth in GDP in the fourth quarter of 2009 over the third quarter. Even though the Associated Press article described the 5.7 percent growth rate as having "boomed" at the end of 2009, you have to read way deep into the article for them to point out that the 2009 growth rate over 2008 fell by 2.4 percent overall. READ FULL STORY >
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