Friday, February 26, 2010

Does Glenn Beck really believe in global warming?

I've been listening to or watching Glenn Beck for a long time, and I would really have to say I don't think that Glenn believes in global warming. Maybe Glenn will talk about it on his radio show this morning.
Blogosphere on fire: 'Is this satire? I really want to know!'

By Chelsea Schilling

Posted: February 26, 2010 ~ 12:40 am Eastern

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"Is this satire? I really want to know!"

That's just one of many questions bloggers and Glenn Beck fans are asking about a Feb. 21 interview story in a leading national Sunday-newspaper magazine that claims the newest superstar among conservatives "believes in global warming."

"You'd be an idiot not to notice the temperature change," Beck said, according to USA Weekend.

Writer Dennis McCafferty reported Beck also thinks global warming could be caused partly by man's activity. At home, he's going green by using energy-saving products, according to the report.

On his top-rated nationally syndicated morning radio show and Fox News Channel television program Beck has been a frequent critic of scientists and advocates such as Al Gore who contend man is causing catastrophic changes in the Earth's climate. Many Beck supporters say his record of opposition to global warming alarmism should speak for itself.

In response to some suggestions that a layer of pollution be released into the atmosphere to cool the earth and counteract global warming, Beck said in a 2007 segment on his show, "Welcome to Crazy Town, USA."

"I believe something is happening. I'm not sticking my head in the sand here. Global warming probably is having ... global climate change is real. It probably is natural," Beck said. He railed against Al Gore's proposed solutions to offset the purported effects global warming.

"A lot of people say the planet is doomed, and global warming is here to stay," Beck said. "I don't know. There's bound to be a solution to this. I think we just need to start looking outside the box."

In yet another 2007 segment, Beck gave a preview of his book, "An Inconvenient Book." He specifically referenced Chapter 1, titled, "Global Warming: Storming and Conforming."

"I wrote this chapter basically as kryptonite for you to use against your Gore-worshipping psycho friends," he said.

Just two days after the USA Weekend story ran, Beck equated proponents of global warming with conspiracy theorists who intentionally deceive Americans.

"We know they're capable of continuing the charade on global warming even though the consensus is currently imploding, there is no consensus," he said. The scientists themselves are saying that. The science is bogus. It is falling apart. … We're still having our politicians tell us, 'We're not going to be able to leave a planet for our kids if we don't act now on cap and trade."

He continued, "They're willing to bankrupt the entire world for a lie."

The following is a video of the segment (global-warming comments at 3:30 mark):


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