Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How Many Lives Were Saved Today In The War Against Terror?

Julie FredricksonBy Julie Fredrickson

February 15, 2010

How Many Lives Were Saved Today In The War Against Terror?

Today was one of the slowest Presidents Days I can remember. In fact, I didn’t even see our President on TV today. That’s an exception not the rule. I’m used to seeing him on TV every day to speak about anything and everything. I guess they took the day off in DC. I didn’t see one commercial of George Washington in his white wig, or hear about cherry trees, hatchets or honest Abe. Has Presidents Day fallen to our new era of being politically correct?

When was the last time you saw a well known correspondent wearing camouflage gear, a Helmut and a flack jacket embedded with our troops on a mission? Who is covering our brave men and women as they leave their husbands, wives, parents, siblings and children to serve our country? Sadly, it seems we don’t hear a lot about our troops unless we are hearing reports on fatalities and injuries.

Is this news black out a result of the current administrations refusal to acknowledge it as a war? We hear it described as a conflict or a peacekeeping mission. Let’s call it like it is, a war with a group of enemy combatants that refuse to step into the light and face their enemies but rather hide behind innocent villagers and countrymen to plant roadside bombs and snipe from afar. Cave dwellers and ditch devils that prey on the weak, the elderly and small children to assist in their evil attacks.

Americans want to be kept informed of our success in Afghanistan. We want to hear that our troops are being fed, housed, protected, healed and trained away from home. We don’t need photo opportunities of the troops watching the Super Bowl. We want updates of them winning the war on terror and returning home safely. How about reporting how many lives were saved today instead of how many lives were lost?


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