Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Drew Brees and The Saints! ~ By John Kubicek

By John Kubicek

Okay, I should be a Colts fan, and I am, just for great people on the team that played at Iowa, like for example, Dallas Clark and Bobby Sanders.

And of course, I was pulling for the Cardinals, with Kurt Warner, a native from my home town, who was raised in the area very near to my home.

But now, I am pulling for the Saints! Lots of reasons for that. Thirteen years ago yesterday (Feb 1) I was married to my wife, God rest her soul. She was my soul-mate. Well, the first destination we headed for on our honeymoon was New Orleans. We had such a great time there. It was 80 degrees the day we arrived there, on Feb. 3. There are some great stories I could tell you about that part of our trip, like how we came close to being robbed, and how about a dozen New Orleans cops stepped in and arrested the perp as it was in the process of going down… But I digress.

So, great memories are coming forth as I think about that day.

Until now, I wasn’t all that aware of just who are the “Saints”. I wasn’t aware, either, of who Drew Brees was. After what I saw, though, I know now, he is one of “us”.

As you know, many sports figures seem to make their way into the news, usually via the front page, by being villains. There was OJ… Michael Vick…. And now, Tiger. The newspapers love those kind of stories that make the front page, as long as they are negative enough.

But there is another side of the coin you may not hear about very often. The newspapers WON’T tell you about all the good things that some athletes do.

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Unfortunately, the remainder of this column no longer exists, at least not on my computer. The blog site that it had been posted to has either been changed or taken down. I'll try to track it through my friend who owned the blog.  The video shown below was originally on a youtube.com account that is also out of existence, however, the file could be found, and was able to be posted to my Facebook page, johnny2k's America. Here is the video:

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