Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pombo for Congress ~ By Joseph Farah

Former Rep. Richard Pombo is a man that Joseph Farah can support for California's 19th Congressional District. Why? Pombo is a supporter of property rights. He's a rancher, and knows the problems that various environmental activists are causing for farmers and ranchers, not to mention a severe threat to property rights.
Did you know that the Founding Fathers believed that freedom of speech and freedom of the press descended from the concept of property rights?

That's right. It is because we own our ideas and our conscience that we have the right to use them. The state no more controls our land – at least it's not supposed to – than it may control our thoughts. Once we as a people yield our God-given property rights to government, or accept that they are actually privileges and not birthrights – then we have not a leg to stand on in defending our free-speech rights.

By Joseph Farah

Posted: February 27, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2010

No doubt this is going to be a banner year for the election of freedom-cherishing, liberty-protecting men and women to the U.S. Congress.

I don't pretend to have the resources or knowledge to know who the very best candidates are in every race in the nation.

But I do have some familiarity with a few.

One of them is former Rep. Richard Pombo, running anew for California's 19th Congressional District seat held by retiring Rep. George Radonovich.

Do I know who else is running?


Do I care?



Because there could simply be no better representation in that Northern California district than Richard Pombo. End of story.

I know Pombo well.

There is no one who stands taller for liberty and the Constitution than him.

He cannot be bought. He cannot be co-opted. He is not capable of falling under the spell of the Beltway insiders.

He's just the real deal – a Portuguese cowboy, fifth-generation California rancher who learned about federal attacks on property rights firsthand.

In fact, that's how I got to know him.


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