Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Chain of Command ~ By John Kubicek

By John Kubicek

February 16, 2010

(And the Subtitle could be: Why many politicians are at the bottom of the food chain!)

Today, I’m going to get into some rich food for thought. This could only happen due to the major sleep deprivation that I’ve recently experienced. I believe that this morning, I had a revelation. (And don’t forget my first name is John.) I came up with a theoretical formula that obliterates the liberal/progressive/Socialist propaganda of man-caused global warming or climate change. If you remember any of the math classes you took, going back to middle-school, you will understand what this logical expression comes down to.

The “Chain of Command” Theorem:

God > Nature > Man > animals > plants > bacteria > politicians, where politicians = viruses

Unfortunately, America is infected… with politicians. Like viruses, they go on the constant offense to make you feel miserable. They make sure that they position themselves to feel superior to you. And in the mean time, they want you to feel like YOU are at the bottom of the food chain. They are high and mighty, and you are a lowly serf.

And yet, decades ago, they decided that they want to give you the credit for being able to control the climate. Yep. You have the power to utilize your vehicle to transport yourself from point A to point B. And that ability consumes the kind of energy that not only depletes our natural resources on this rock, but also has the ability to alter Nature.

It was the perfect fraud, they thought. The politicians actually believed that they could t0taly turn the Chain of Command completely upside down. To do so, they had to convince you that they should be God, and you were lower than the bacteria. Think about it. First, they exalt bacteria by saying how various bacterial diseases or viruses could take your life. The horror!

And then, they exalt the plant life by going around hugging trees and telling us that we should communicate with plant life, and they gave us the movie, “Avatar.”

But wait, suddenly your dogs and cats should have at least the rights that even the terrorists (also animals) have! Am I kidding you? Animal rights? Yeah, right…. Unbelievable… That is until you see what people that go along with PETA may have done to attack various shelters and labs…

Last but not least, was to tell Man that we had control over Nature. That alone is the standard indoctrination that there IS no God. They’re saying that we – the people – are in control of what Nature does. That’s funny, because I would think that many of the residents of the 49 states of the United States that saw snow this year never really wanted to see the evil white flakes… So, uh, why can’t somebody finally come up with a way to prevent cold and snow? Hmmm?


February 15, 2010 - East Anglia CRU climate scientist Phil Jones now says there's been no warming in last 15 years!

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