Sunday, August 09, 2009

Red Alert! Infowars under direct attack by Obama Brownshirts
Alex Jones
August 8, 2009

There can longer be any doubt, the White House and their army of cult followers are publicly censoring the news and restricting free speech.

People in opposition to Obama’s policies are now being beaten up in the streets everywhere and the White House has unleashed tattle tale squads to flag and report dissenters. We have now been directly censored. Even we are shocked.

It’s just like what Obama did with Odinga in Kenya– my God, these people are for real.

Again, we are under attack right now. Within the next hour, we’ll have a video and story up, so watch this space.

The enemy is moving against everyone, not just us.

It’s like 1918 in Russia, or the takeover in China by Mao or the rise of Hitler.

I’m working feverishly with my team. We’ll have details for you within the next 2 hours. Please stand by to get this info out to everyone you know.

This is a Red alert.

I told everyone on Friday the country is on the edge of Revolution. The bankers know this; they knew there’d be resistance to their corporate takeover of the United States, so they are trying to restrict dissent and take over public meetings, because their illusion is in trouble.

Tyrannts slowly get you to accept their abuse, until all of a sudden you wake up and realize that you’re under the oppression seen in Germany in 1935.

This is a rush report; more to follow soon.

[This short report has been re-published in full from Be sure to stand by for any further reports.]

UPDATE: As mentioned above, there was more to follow. See "Obama Speech Police Shutdown Top You Tube Videos."

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