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A better liar than even the Clintons ~ By Robert Ringer

Robert's words ring true. I had been thinking about the same thing, at least regarding the comparison of Obama with the Clintons. But throw in the part about previous Communist dictators the world has seen in the last century, and this fine column hits it out of the park!
After all, a soul can be a nuisance. It gets in the way of revolutions. It gets in the way of eliminating your perceived enemies. It gets in the way of remaking the world in one's own egotistical image. It gets in the way of establishing one's moral superiority in deciding who should get how much of the fruits of someone else's labor.

That said, you can expect BHO to ramp up his tea-party dismissal interviews with left-wing media lackeys as we move toward the scheduled elections in 2010. His belief that his powers of persuasion can win the day for Democrats who are on the verge of going down in flames is the one thing that could head off a phony state of emergency to postpone elections.

By Robert Ringer

Posted: April 09, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

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As the attacks on the tea-party people by left-wing politicians, BHO's inner circle of hatchet artists and the cheerleading media continue unabated, it always catches my attention that very few people are willing to come right out and say that it is Der Fuhrbama himself who is calling the shots on all this.

Whenever something outrageous happens, everyone seems to go into a humoring mode as though BHO, of course, had nothing to do with it. We are supposed to believe that it's just his overzealous supporters acting on their own.

You know, kind of like in the early stages of Watergate, when most people assumed that Richard Nixon wasn't aware of the break-in at the Watergate Hotel. Ultimately, of course, everyone came to realize that not only was he aware of the break-in, he was the one who ordered it.

In BHO's case, I am also reminded of how millions of people in the old Soviet Union believed that the atrocities carried out against them by the government were being done without Stalin's consent or knowledge. On the contrary, many looked upon him as a saint, as was evidenced by pictures showing people weeping in the streets like children upon hearing of his death.

Have you ever noticed how the media love to use terms like "the White House" or "the administration" when speaking of something that has negative overtones? Why don't they just come out and say the words: Barack Hussein Obama? Nope, you can't do that for fear of being labeled a hatemonger. Terms like White House and the administration are a way of tiptoeing around the truth.

Does anyone really believe that Eric Holder made the decision to try KSM and his cohorts in a civilian court on his own? Or that Rahm Emanuel's threats to members of Congress to vote for Obama's health-care bill were done without his knowledge? Let's give BHO some credit here. He's the man – the born-and-bred socialist chosen to carry out the Saul Alinsky plan from start to communism.

Above all, BHO is the driving force behind the plan to discredit and marginalize the tea-party people. I caught a few seconds of his nauseating interview with CBS lapdog Harry Smith, and I have to admit that it was a remarkable performance, even for him. It reminded me once again that BHO is not a pathological liar. He is a purposeful, well-thought-out liar.

Will BHO's secret weapon now emerge? ~ By Robert Ringer

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