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Sick thinking from disgraceful leftists ~ By David Limbaugh

David gives some great examples of how the Obama left is trying to show the Conservatives, the Tea partiers, as being violent, to give them an excuse to shut us up. 

This is another piece of the puzzle that goes along with the related story below.


The coming dictatorship ~ By Robert Ringer

This is just sick stuff, folks, but not uncommon for leftist thinkers. We conservatives simply don't think this way. It doesn't compute. Yet there are scores of examples of other leftist commentators making the same claims.

Note to fellow conservatives: Please understand whom we're up against here; otherwise we don't have a prayer of defeating them.

By David Limbaugh

Posted: April 02, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2010

The Obama left, realizing it has really stepped in it with the American people by cramming Obamacare down our throats, has decided to blunt the backlash against it by tarring, yet again, mainstream conservatives as racists, bigots, homophobes and violent. Its tactics are objectively despicable.

You know the drill. We conservatives, who happen to understand ourselves better than liberals do, know that we are largely a civil, respectable, peaceable bunch. Attendees to the Rush Limbaugh-inspired Dan's Bake Sale years ago can attest to the mature, wholesome behavior of Rush fans. Ditto Sean Hannity's Freedom Concert attendees and tea-party protest attendees.

The leftists who actually believe the fraudulent bile they are spewing about conservatives as being violent are merely projecting. They know their own side often disrupts and shuts down debate and engages in hate speech and even anarchy. Witness the unruly leftist disruptions of Ann Coulter appearances or the sabotaging of Karl Rove's appearance by CodePink co-founder Jodie Evans, one of Obama's radical buddies. Look at the tea-party violence from the SEIU left.

The majority of leftists making these bogus claims about conservatives are either deeply warped or outright lying. There are some isolated acts of fringe violence from the right, but they are just that – isolated and rare. With the many tea parties that have occurred, how much conservative-spawned violence have you heard about – even with a liberal media champing at the bit to slander the entire movement? Hardly any – beyond the fabrications.

The left wants to shut us up. Liberals say they want universal voter registration so all voices can be heard. What? They don't even want dissenting voices among already existing voters heard. After the way they cheated and gamed the system to impose socialized medicine on an unwilling public, they've forfeited their credibility about promoting the people's will – which we always knew was a ruse anyway.

The Obama left has tried to muzzle us through intimidation – as in its declaration of a false consensus on global warming, its issuing summonses to corporate executives to justify announcements that Obamacare is going to cost them dearly, Obama's telling those of us who "created this mess" that he doesn't want us to "do a lot of talking," his declaring a communications war on Fox News, and on and on. Failing that, the left intends to paint us all as racists who are just a hair trigger away from committing violent acts.

With the groundwork rationale established – that conservative "hate speech" incites violence – liberals will be a step closer to using laws and regulations to emasculate or silence conservative talk radio. But their claim is a vicious, destructive, divisive lie – just like their depiction of conservatives, by virtue of their conservatism, as racists.


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