Thursday, April 15, 2010

What are you prepared to do? ~ By Erik Rush

Great column, Erik, and I assure you, many of us out here are prepared to do what ever it takes. The Tea Party Movement is just one thing we can do. But there are other things, too. Using our skills to do websites, videos for youtube, writing blogs, making signs, coming up with Tea Party t-shirt designs, and anything else we can do to expand the awareness of the undereducated, indoctrinated population, is exactly what needs to be done.

We are going to make those self-serving lefty Democrats wonder what happened in November!

With a mind toward remedial measures, and considering the upsurge in popular opposition to this Congress and administration, as well as the latter's increasing ruthlessness, I am reminded of the 1987 film "The Untouchables," which, ironically, involved another Chicago gang. Jim Malone has just been mortally wounded by one of Al Capone's soldiers; dying, he repeats to Eliot Ness a question he had asked him earlier, one we all should consider:

What are you prepared to do?

By Erik Rush

Posted: April 15, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2010

As many tea-party activists and other concerned citizens nationwide have asserted (and with which I tend to agree), their activism is not about President Barack Obama. The socialization of America has been in process for a long time; right now, he's just the point man. Yes, he has enjoyed a distinct advantage with the establishment press being his propaganda arm since 2007; yes, we were sold "Chucky" in an "Elmo" suit; and yes, the latitude given Obama has been is due in part to his race – but all that would be better addressed in another column, or perhaps a book. …

The political left has gotten a great deal of mileage instilling fear of vague forces marshaled to impoverish, enslave and control Americans. To wit, they have concentrated on many factions and indeed in factionalizing Americans in general. Blacks remain convinced that white bigots would have them return to plantations; poor people believe that they might have more opportunity if not for the rich; millions of working people have bought into the notion that those who employ them are little better than slave masters; and homosexuals have been assured that were it not for their buddies on the left, they'd have been shipped off to crematoria long ago.

What's strange is that these "smoke soldiers" on the far right seem to have made no effort whatever during all of this time toward actualizing their evil schemes, while every move the political left has made is serving to impoverish, enslave and control Americans. They say that this isn't their aim, but to millions of recently mobilized activists, it has become more than apparent that this is indeed the case.

We've heard the left accuse conservative Christians of wishing to install some kind of hard-line theocracy for years, but there have been no overtures on the part of Christians to accomplish this. Instead, there is bountiful evidence that the left is in the process of installing a hard-line Marxist collective.

The left demonizes corporations for being greedy, cavalier and callous, yet, for the last four decades, leftists in government have bled American businesses economically, regulated many out of business and driven their costs up, thus impairing and injuring them, their employees and consumers. Within the last 15 months, we have witnessed an incremental government takeover of the automobile and health-care industries, with the energy-production industry next in the statists' crosshairs.

We've heard ad nauseum that the far right wants to "legislate morality," requiring that Americans live in some sort of inordinately restrictive manner, though precisely how remains vague. The previous administration was charged with attempting to dampen individual liberties – this never occurred. Conversely, all of this administration and this Congress' recent efforts – most notably, health-care reform – promise to impact individual liberties more severely than rationing requirements in World War II, except that these will be in perpetuity.

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