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The coming dictatorship ~ By Robert Ringer

Well, at least I now know I'm not alone in thinking of the "impossible" event that Barack Hussein Obama may find a crisis to come up with a reason to suspend elections. Robert Ringer explains how an entitlement driven economy will lead to hyper-inflation, which could then be that "crisis" that could be taken advantage of, as Rahm Emanuel had mentioned ("don't let a crisis go to waste"). Yep, I do believe that Robert Ringer is one of the few commentators, besides Glenn Beck, that are not afraid to tell the American people what we could be facing.
I thought about this issue while attending the recent tea party outside the Capitol building in Washington. As I crossed Independence Avenue, I noted a somber-looking guard holding a Rambo-style weapon in his hands. I have no idea what it was, but there's no question in my mind that just one pull of the trigger could have rearranged the body parts of a large number of tea-party people.

The totally peaceful gathering – repeat, totally peaceful – was infested with heavily armed police, but one, in particular, was especially ominous. As the tea partiers chanted "Kill the Bill" on the east side of the Capitol, a uniformed, lone figure stood at the top of the steep flight of stairs on the House side of the structure, automatic weapon at the ready, gazing down over the crowd.

It gave me the eerie feeling that I was in a banana republic. Had anyone dared to take things beyond mere chanting, there's no doubt in my mind that it would have become a scene right out of Caracas. All that was missing was Sean Penn.

By Robert Ringer

Posted: April 02, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

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In my article "The question 'conservative' pundits fear," I commented on how pleased I've been to see Glenn Beck talking about a subject I've been writing about since the late '70s: a government-declared state of emergency leading to a "temporary" dictatorship.

I have long believed that the mathematics of an insatiable entitlement society in the U.S. guarantees a runaway inflation, which likely would be followed by anarchy and chaos – a perfect excuse for government to resort to strong-armed totalitarian measures to "restore order." My model has always been Germany's Weimar Republic in the 1920s, where runaway inflation brought Adolf Hitler to power.

I originally believed that the runaway-inflation scenario in the U.S. would play out in the early 1980s, but a combination of Ronald Reagan and an explosion in technology headed it off. Nevertheless, the threat of a runaway inflation has continued to increase over the years, even while our false-prosperity economy was booming. That's because the underlying causes (government-employee wages and benefits, Social Security, Medicare, etc.) of our sick economy have never been addressed.

Unemployment is just a symptom; the disease is entitlements. Throughout the false-prosperity years, Social Security did not go away. It got bigger. Medicare did not go away. It got bigger. Virtually no other benefits went away. They only got bigger. So the underlying problem of entitlements not only has remained, but continued to grow.

The big news now is that Social Security may "go broke" this year instead of in 2017, which was originally projected. Really? And here I thought it's been broke for decades. Ditto with Medicare. These programs were long ago Madoffized.

Almost from the start, government has simply taken in new money from taxpayers and handed it over to those on the entitlements side of the fence – with a large chunk of the largess being skimmed off the top for government employees who administer these programs.

All it took to bring things to a head was a shameful spending spree by a progressive Republican president and a Republican Congress, followed by the ascent of a committed Marxist to the presidency (along with a cooperative majority in Congress).

Now, throw on top of all that a huge new tax-and-spending bill ("health-care legislation"), and the end result seems assured. However, with the government's power to tax, print and borrow, no one knows how long it will be before the inevitable runaway inflation sets in.

But if BHO truly has his mind set on establishing a dictatorship – and it is my personal belief that he does – it's too risky for him to wait for a runaway inflation as an excuse to call a state of emergency. He knows that as long as there is a semblance of a free market in place, producers will continue to push back against the economy-killing effects of his policies.

Thus, he needs another excuse to declare a state of emergency. In previous articles, I've mentioned a nuke exchange between Iran and Israel as one possibility. Another is civil unrest due to unemployment rates that could reach 25 percent or more in the not-too-distant future.

These and others still remain possibilities, but last week Glenn Beck came up with one that may be even more likely. Beck believes that Obama will continue to keep the accelerator pressed to the floor – amnesty for illegal immigrants, a cap-and-trade bill that will eliminate the U.S. as a global business competitor, and more – thus enraging an already angry public to the point of revolution.

In other words, purposely foment "civil unrest" rather than wait for something like unemployment or runaway inflation to make it happen. As Beck puts it, just continue to poke people in the eye, then use their predictable and justifiable backlash as an excuse to establish dictatorial powers.


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