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Taxing Atlas ~ By Patrice Lewis

John Galt, this one's for you! 

Patrice Lewis has a rant that I am sure all of us can understand about this time of the year, especially if you are in the half of the American population that DOES pay taxes!

And because of the theme of this great column, I threw in a couple related items at the bottom of this page. A video that I uploaded yesterday morning discusses just how OUT OF CONTROL the U. S. Government is. Deficits, debt, and then the ultimate crisis that is going to happen for the very reason that Patrice will mention here. People are going to just quit their businesses, end their non-profit charities, and basically, we can then ALL put out our hands for the government to take care of us. At the end of the video, there is a very special segment where somebody says, "Tick-tock, Mr. Bauer, you're running out of time..."

Well, that brings me to the final part of MY rant, in the related story: Did America already commit Obamcide? You decide.

So in this season of filing taxes and proving how complicating our government is, we should think long and hard about the kind of hope and change that will lead to further complications by introducing yet more government rules and regulations and red tape.

Otherwise the real Atlas – that sleeping giant of middle America – may shrug, give the government the "finger" and watch the economy collapse.

By Patrice Lewis

Posted: April 10, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2010

The following column can officially be termed a "rant." Sometimes I just need to vent, and this is one of those times.

Taxes have been on my mind this week. That's because I finally finished our taxes on Tuesday night, in time for our appointment on Wednesday afternoon.

Taxes are a complicated business for us. We have four sources of self-employed income, and that means all sorts of fancy paperwork that needs to be filed. Thankfully, our tax preparer, Valerie, is incredibly competent at making sense out of nonsense.

But poor Valerie's business has become more complicated. "Look," she said, pulling a notebook off a shelf. "These were the tax amendments we studied from last year's continuing education class." The notebook was half an inch thick. "And here is this year's notebook." The notebook was three inches thick. I'm not exaggerating.

It's not just personal income taxes that are getting complicated (like they were ever simple, right?). All nonprofit organizations in the U.S. are suddenly being required to provide preposterous amounts of paperwork, documentation and other proof that they are, indeed, nonprofit. It's like the government is trying to bleed all the joy out of being charitable.

But the government is desperate for money, and who knows how many of those evil and secretive nonprofits are engaging in nefarious behavior to elude paying their fair share of Planned Parenthood's operating expenses? So now nonprofits are required to pony up paperwork demonstrating their worth and status.

And on and on it goes. Prove this. Document that. Take everything – employment, personal lives, charitable endeavors – and reduce it to nothing more than a dipping pot of money for an ever-increasing and ever-intrusive government, which wants nothing more than to seize control of your assets and resources in order to, um, spread the wealth.

And of course most of your wealth is not spread to individuals or groups (deserving or not), but to the government oversight of those individuals or groups. In other words, any time a government entity runs a "charitable" organization – spreading your wealth – it skims off a huge percentage for (cough) administration costs. Gotta pay all those bureaucrats, after all.

And of course there's always the Ponzi schemes of Medicare and Social Security that robs Peter to pay Paul. What's wrong with this picture?

While no previous administration was ever innocent of increasing the size of government, there's no question the pace has intensified drastically in the last decade. We are being micro-managed to death. Our driving habits, our health care, our energy usage, our lighting options … the list is endless, and endlessly humiliating. I mean honestly – we're supposed to be grown-up men and women, independent and responsible. We shouldn't have to report to Big Brother for permission to live decent ordinary lives.

Now we learn that nearly half of U.S. households escape paying federal income taxes. This means that half the people in this country are paying for the other half's share of benefits.

Unlike liberals, I don't resent the wealthy. They're the ones who create jobs. They're the ones who keep the economy going. And if they're taxed to the point where they decide it ain't worth it, what then?

And you don't have to be wealthy to reach the breaking point. At what point will small businesses simply conclude all the increasing hassle of government red tape and excessive micromanagement isn't worth it? At what point will charities conclude it's too much trouble to comply with federal interference and throw in the towel? At what point will nonprofit groups grow tired of proving themselves and decide it's not worth continuing their efforts?

See my point? The more the government complicates our lives, the more we reduce our efforts to start businesses, act charitably, do something for the public good, or simply follow our dream (pursuit of happiness, remember?). There goes the economy.



April 09, 2010 ~ "Deficit, Debt, Crisis," or should that be, 'Tick, tick, tick... We're running out of time"

I think you will understand the meaning of this video just by watching the last minute of the video. But, you should see the whole thing. It is the budget deficits, the national debt, and the oncoming crisis that all has to do with the unemployment problems: How we got here (deficit spending), where we are now (huge national debt), and where it will go from here (crisis) that will determine what happens in the next few months.

Video provided by TheREALjohnny2k

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