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What's really behind the tea parties? ~ By Henry Lamb

In this post, I am going to take a little editorial liberty to actually embed the videos that Henry links to. There's a good reason for that. If there were just hyperlinks to the videos in the text, can you honestly tell me that you would take the time to click on each link as you are reading? Probably not, unless you are as ADHD as I am. Well, this way, you won't have the distraction of opening another window or tab to watch the videos, and then try to go back to read on.

But why did I find it important for you to see each of the videos, anyway? I am sure many of you have probably heard or seen what Obama and Pelosi have said about the Tea Party Movement. For those that haven't, then it is time that you have the opportunity to have it all put into context for you. You need to see it for yourself.

Henry does an awesome job in this column to explain what is behind the tea parties, and it ain't "astroturf" as Nancy wanted you to believe. If you only watched the mainstream news, also known as liberal/progressive Democrat lackeys, you wouldn't have any idea what the Tea Party Movement is really about. You would only hear the Obama and Pelosi sound bites... which are very far from the truth.

So, to the point, read what Henry has written to help us tea partiers know what we can do to take action. It is truly a grassroots movement, and we aren't going to let Obama and Pelosi disparage us back into submitting to the government. The only thing we're going to be a slave to is truth, justice and liberty we need in our pursuit of happiness. And though we are NOT astroturf, remember this: WE the People are the MOB. Just sayin'...

This is what the tea parties do. Contrary to what the media portrays, these people do far more than make signs and costumes. For the most part, these are some of the most knowledgeable people you well ever meet when it comes to domestic issues and foreign policy. They read. They study. They debate. They disagree. They get worked up. They save their money and buy a seat on a bus to Washington to tell their elected officials we're "Taxed Enough Already!"

Washington had better listen.

The tea parties that have erupted across the nation so far are simply precursors of what is to come. Some forecasters are predicting a major eruption sometime this fall, perhaps as early as November. Others say the November event will cause a tsunami that will wash across Congress. There is some indication that the anticipated November event, as devastating as it might be, will itself be a precursor of even bigger events to come.
By Henry Lamb

Posted: April 17, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2010

President Obama thinks the nationwide tea-party movement is built around a small core group of people who believe he is a socialist, born somewhere other than in America.
March 30, 2010 - Obama: Tea Party Divided Between Fringe And Those With 'Legitimate Concerns'

Video provided by tpmtv
Nancy Pelosi believes that the tea party is "Astroturf," a group of people funded by big-business Republicans to protest against Democrats.
September 09, 2009 - Pelosi's Astroturf Comment

Video provided by NCTeaPartyTV
The new website Crash the Tea Parties, believes the tea parties are "…a loose affiliation of racists, homophobes and morons who constitute the fake grass-roots movement which calls itself 'The Tea Party.'"

Wow! How wrong can these people be?

The tea parties are a natural phenomenon caused by a periodic shift in society's tectonic plates. When the "government-control" plate slips slightly over the "freedom" plate, there is bound to be an uprising.

The election in 2008, followed by the magnet-like attraction to Washington of dozens of "czars," all specialists in some form of government control, set off seismic activity deep beneath the political apathy to which the nation was accustomed. Consequently, tea parties have risen across the nation, and they are still building. Knowledgeable forecasters predict that the "freedom" forces will not likely subside until the "government-control" forces are well under control.

Obama, Pelosi and the Astroturf owner of the Crash the Tea Party website have no idea of the power that underlies the tea-party movement.
February 13, 2010 - Nancy's real AstroTurf

Video provided by henryzeke
Long before the eruption, millions of freedom-loving Americans were meeting in thousands of groups in every state, studying the forces that continually work to erode individual freedom and private-property rights. In Alabama, for example, the Alliance for Citizens Rights has been conducting meetings in local communities for years. Ordinary citizens attend these meetings after work to learn about local ordinances that impact their daily life.

At one of these community meetings in Cullman, Ala., Enna Miles told the group that her aunt had been visited by the Code Enforcement Officer, who threatened to fine her $150 per day if she planted tomatoes in her backyard.

Ordinary citizens know that this kind of government control is not right, but they did not realize how it became law. The goal of groups such as the Alliance for Citizens Rights is to teach citizens not only how this government control became law, but how to repeal it and how to prevent it. These are the people who are now populating the tea parties, demanding an end to the government-control policies issued from Washington, imposed on the states and implemented in local communities.

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