Saturday, April 17, 2010

Christians, Jews, patriots: Arise, unite! ~ By Pat Boone

There is no doubt about it. People are starting to get it. Even some people that voted for our dear glorious leader, The One, are realizing that he isn't what they thought he would be! Now, they are wondering where we can go from here. As Pat says, we must arise and unite!

One way for us to arise and unite is by attending the Tea Party rallies. Increasing the numbers of people at the rallies may not sway the leaders in Washington, but it does give more people the courage to also attend.

And secondly, and most of all, just keep praying.

We who believe in God and His word still are a large majority in this country. Our best and only hope to recover what we're rapidly losing is to rally and unite under one banner, ONE NATION UNDER GOD.

"If My people who are called by my name humble themselves and pray, and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." – 2 Chronicles 7:14

By Pat Boone

Posted: April 17, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2010

"I'm so embarrassed, Pat. I'm ashamed. I believed in the man and thought he'd be good for the country. Sure, I'm a Democrat, somewhat liberal, and felt it was time for an able black leader to be president. So I voted for Obama. But now that I see what he's doing to the country, to the economy, taking over banks and car companies, appointing these unconstitutional 'czars' to run everything, reporting not to Congress but to him, I'm afraid of what's going to happen to us. He seems more and more like a psychopath, delusional, but determined to ram all this down our throats, whether we like it or not.

"And now, he's lording it over Israel, telling them what he wants them to do, siding with her enemies, and seeming more and more like the Muslim he was raised to be. I love Israel as much as I love America – and he really doesn't seem to love either one.

"And I voted for him! I can't believe I didn't see the signs, didn't find out more about him and his complete lack of any real qualifications!"

The man saying these things to me is our family doctor, a real friend and a devout Jew. Every time we talk, he and his wife seem to be almost in shock, as each new day brings another revelation about the president's agenda, his "executive orders" circumventing due process, the spiraling deficits and new fantastic commitments to more spending for all kinds of liberal programs and entitlements that the United States simply cannot afford.

"Look," he said last night, "we didn't care for George Bush. We thought he was way over his head and couldn't seem to put two good sentences together. He ran the budget through the roof, too, and he's a Republican. So when this Illinois senator, well-spoken and obviously intelligent, talked about 'change' and 'transforming America,' we bought into it. We had no idea. I mean, we didn't know that much about him. The media didn't divulge much … but we wanted something better than what we had. And now we've got worse! This man thinks he's an emperor, a dictator, and nothing can stop him. The Congress seems afraid of him, or they've been bought off somehow. What are we gonna do? What can we do?"

This question is being asked by a dramatically growing number of Jewish Americans. And many of these are leaders, very influential in their respective professions; they are speaking out loudly, publicly and angrily.

Former New York Mayor Ed Koch, a prominent Jewish leader who supported Obama's campaign, expressed his outrage April 12, when he wrote: "I weep today because my president, Barack Obama, in a few weeks has changed the relationship between the U.S. and Israel from that of closest of allies to one in which there is an absence of trust on both sides.

"Our closest ally, the one with the special relationship with the U.S., has been demeaned and slandered, held responsible by the administration for our problems in Afghanistan and Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East. The plan, I suspect, is to so weaken the resolve of the Jewish state and its leaders that it will be much easier to impose on Israel an American plan to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, leaving Israel's needs for security and defensible borders in the lurch.

"I believe President Obama's policy is to create a whole new relationship with the Arab states of Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt, and Iraq as a counter to Iran, the Tyrannosaurus Rex of the Muslim world, which we are now prepared to see in possession of a nuclear weapon.

"If throwing Israel under the bus is needed to accomplish this alliance, so be it."

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