Monday, April 19, 2010

We must be heard! We will be heard! ~ By Barbara Simpson

Barbara writes about her fantastic experiences at tea parties. Yes, even in California, there are people that don't like what they see happening to our freedom in this country.
Benjamin Franklin reminded early patriots that "if you make yourselves sheep, wolves will eat you."

He was right then, and it applies now.

We've been sheep too long – too trusting of government. The wolves are at our door, right now. We see them and see what they're doing. We know the consequences. These government intrusions against our Constitution and our freedoms as Americans must be stopped.
By Barbara Simpson

Posted: April 19, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2010

Tea party one for me was last year, in Pleasanton, Calif., where several thousand people gathered to express dissatisfaction with the direction of the country on a variety of levels. I was asked to speak to the crowd. Many knew me from my writings on WND and my hosting conservative talk radio on KSFO in San Francisco.

There was nothing special about any of us. We were typical Americans – individuals united in citizenship and dedication to the freedoms this country represents.

Several things impressed me – the enthusiasm of the crowd, its well-mannered behavior, the attendance which included single men and women of all ages, families with children, people of all races and creeds and professions and economic levels and finally, when it was all over, for their respect for the location. They left the spacious green lawns absolutely free of litter. That, in itself, was remarkable, given how crowds in this country generally are inconsiderate slobs.

But there was something more important that deeply impressed me: the number of people who spoke privately to me about their concern for the political direction of this country.

The common thread among those conversations was that those people were legal immigrants to this country from Europe, mostly Eastern Bloc countries. These people had lived under communism and Nazism. They know what that means and what freedoms are sacrificed. They survived and escaped.

They came to the United States to be free of those strictures on their lives and futures, and to their horror, they see the seeds of the same restrictive government policies being imposed.

They begged me to please tell people the truth about what's happening before it's too late. Their anxiety was palpable.

Last week was my tea party two. I drove from the post office, where I mailed my income tax forms and the checks (ouch!) covering them, and then on to the city of San Jose for the gathering.

I wasn't sure what to expect this year because the support of the tea-party idea had mushroomed into a grass-roots phenomenon across the country. In my area alone, there were three major gatherings with a number of smaller efforts, attracting thousands.

We were warned that disruptors had strategized infiltration to bring down the events. Liberal media wrote that the tea parties were meaningless, right-wing rantings.

Polls reported that the only people there would be 45-year-old, angry, white, rich males and I would be surrounded by them as they carried signs calling for the overthrow of the Obama government.

They were wrong in more ways than one.

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