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I like Jack Bauer, but … ~ By Joseph Farah

Joseph has a great point about the misinformation in "24," but it still the greatest show there ever was! I've been hooked, too, and I am sad this is the last year!
There's more proof. Not all Americans are left defenseless. Your federal government has used your tax dollars to build shelters for itself and its key people – tens of thousands of them. They will survive an all-out nuclear attack on the U.S. You, the taxpaying public, will not.

It's sad to see this propaganda continue today – even on one of the best TV entertainment shows around.

Someday, especially in this age of terrorism, it is likely there will be a nuclear event in the U.S. People need to know how to deal with it – and that there are practical and simple steps Americans can take to protect themselves and their families, despite the government's policy to leave civilians defenseless and ignorant.
By Joseph Farah

Posted: April 01, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

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I admit it.

I'm totally hooked on this season's "24."

I've seen them all, but this story line, about a "dirty bomb" threat to Manhattan, offers up one of the best action scripts in the history of the show.

But, there is a big problem with the story.

Over and over again, week after week – hour after hour if you use Jack Bauer time – the threat of an imminent "dirty bomb" attack is hyped beyond anything remotely scientific.

We're told if the bomb goes off, the blast zone might be uninhabitable for 100 years.

Another character in the White House threw out the possibility of life in the area not resuming for 10 years.

It's all nonsense to anyone who understands the very real danger of nuclear radiation and the big difference between a nuclear bomb and a radiological device like the one constructed by terrorists in "24."

While a nuclear bomb actually uses nuclear material to create a devastating explosion, a radiological bomb is very conventional. The blast will only be as big as the explosive materials uses – dynamite, plastique, some kind of military ordnance. When the explosion occurs, the radioactive material is dispersed as far as the conventional blast carries it.

That can only be as far as the conventional explosives used. There is no "mushroom cloud," which is an effect caused by the powerful nuclear explosion in an actual nuclear bomb.

Yet, in "24," the top experts in the script talk as if all of Manhattan would be destroyed somehow by this dirty bomb. There have been mentions of a 40-square-block area that would be destroyed, with hundreds of thousands of deaths.

It makes for a scary and suspenseful TV show, but it's not accurate and honest and is bound to lead to even more confusion and hopelessness about any kind of nuclear or radiological attack in the U.S., something the real experts keep warning us is virtually inevitable at some point in our future.

But surviving a radiological attack, or even a nuclear attack, is not hopeless at all – if people understand the potential, prepare for it and take simple, time-tested steps after such an event.

You want proof?

Look at Hiroshima and Nagasaki today. Just 65 years ago, these cities were leveled by actual nuclear bombs – the only ones ever dropped on populated areas. Today they are bustling metropolises. In fact, they have been for decades.

That's because while radiation is deadly, very deadly, it actually dissipates quite quickly – even in the first 24 hours. The main damage is caused by the blast. If you survive the blast, you have an excellent chance of surviving the radiation – if you can limit your exposure in a shelter or upwind from the detonation.

A dirty bomb is much less devastating because the blast is limited to the size of the conventional explosive device. Compared with an actual nuclear bomb, it's a piece of cake. Again, the main threat is to those affected by the blast itself – and maybe those within a block or two.

Of course, most Americans don't know this – including, I have to assume, the "experts" writing the scripts at "24." The reason most Americans don't have this information is because they were misinformed and miseducated to believe one cannot survive a nuclear event – or, at least, any life that survived would not be worth living.

The reason we were taught this unscientific nonsense is because there was a political agenda behind it – a political agenda called disarmament and appeasement.


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