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The blackface of tyranny ~ By Erik Rush

I almost didn't post this to the blog this morning. But after reading it several times, I felt assured that it was not racist. In fact, I quickly realized that much of the "racism" actually comes from those that have co-opted the politics of African-Americans, leading their population along a road to ruin by the Marxist programs. Erik says it better than me, so read what he has to say about the blackface of tyranny.
President Obama's socialistic governance is but one train stop on the way toward a wholesale implementation of Marxism in America. As long as we retain a system whereby an unpopular government may be removed by the electorate, however, the vision of Obama and those like him will remain in jeopardy.

And don't think for a minute that they aren't aware of this.

By Erik Rush

Posted: April 01, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2010

First of all, then we have to say the American public overwhelmingly voted for socialism when they elected President Obama.

– Rev. Al Sharpton, March 21, 2010

Regarding Al Sharpton's above remark (made immediately after the passage of the health-care "reform" bill by the House of Representatives): First of all, then I have to say that the fact that Al Sharpton has secured sufficient credibility to be considered for consultation by respected national news venues is disgusting and shameful. In addition to epitomizing "the n-word," this is a man whose claim to fame is having attempted to frame police officers for a brutal felony in order to foment racial tension and advance his agenda of personal aggrandizement.

Let's get that straight right now … then we can go on to the fact that Obama's presidential win was a slim one, and that he was widely and deceptively sold to American voters as a centrist, rather than a socialist or a Marxist. The American public overwhelmingly want nothing to do with either.

I remember 30 years ago, when I would occasionally find myself at a private gathering, a coffee shop, or on a college campus, listening to some raggedy black nationalist ramble on about how people like them, given the opportunity, would change the U.S. into a "Marxist paradise."

Inwardly, I laughed, of course. "Like that'll ever happen," I thought.

Suffice it to say that I was wrong. You heard it here.

Because that's exactly what's taking place, though the radicals in question are not exclusively black. Although he wasn't of the raggedy variety, Barack Obama's black nationalist-cum-Marxist worldview and his overview of America was the same as those urban communists I encountered in my youth, those of the same stripe as Van Jones and William Ayers. They – like countless other uber-leftists who were insinuating themselves into the power structure at that time – despised more or less everything about America, save for the opportunities it presented them personally. Obama, like his academic mentors and peers, pursued his education with an eye on power, taking advantage of metastasizing liberal ideals and newly initiated preferential policies.

In the "perfect storm" of a press saturated with insipid leftists, popular disgust with a politically enfeebled, free-spending Republican president, and a benefactor with almost bottomless pockets (in financier George Soros), this nebbish was able to capture the presidency. Surreal, but true.

I have previously discussed the phenomenon of the left having advanced a distorted vision of black Americans – what I refer to as negrophilia – which contributed to Obama's election to no mean degree. Add to this the depth of ignorance in which black Americans continue to be mired, wherein they continue to believe that opportunists like Sharpton and Obama are their benefactors, while conservatives and Republicans are demons from the foulest depths of hell. Millions remain unaware that one of the platforms upon which the Republican Party was formed and first ran was the abolition of slavery, and that the GOP also promoted the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which the Democrats filibustered. After its passage, segregationists in the Democratic Party co-opted the civil rights agenda and enrolled black Americans in the culture of dependency, ostensibly as "restitution" for their suffering.


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