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Republican Party needs new playbook ~ By Tom Tancredo

Tom Tancredo uses an analogy of football in reflecting on what the Republicans have been doing wrong in the last few decades.  Now, please allow me to expand on Tom's analogy to magnify his point.  The Republicans played ball control offense in George W. Bush's first term of office. They had the White House and Congress in their control.  However, they didn't use that time to move the ball down the field except to get "W" re-elected to his second term.  They had the chance to score, and even had the ball in the Red Zone (20 yards to go to score a touchdown) following the election in 2004.  What did they do? 

It was like they had tried several running plays up the middle for no gain, and then fumbled the snap on a field goal attempt. The fans were so upset, that in 2006 they either didn't go to the game, or they rooted for the other team.

Tom is right. The Republicans desperately need not just a playbook, but a game plan. Even after the Massachusetts Miracle when Scott Brown became the Republican Senator from a state that hasn't elected a Republican to that office for most of my life time, Obama and the Democrats were still able to execute an end run, and pass health care.  The Socialists, I mean Democrats, not only have a playbook, they know how to execute their offense and game plan.  

When it comes to 2012, and if the Republicans should win, they are going to need a good coach and an All-American quarterback, a good playbook, and of course, a solid, Conservative, Constitutional GAME PLAN if they want to bring the fans back and enjoy victory.
Republicans often lose even when they win, because they have no plan for actually governing in a manner consistent with their platform and principles, which is to say, a plan for restoring constitutional government. Making government bigger is easy, but making it smaller is hard work and can be dangerous to your health.

The Republican mission must be restoring constitutional government, not protecting or preserving it, because the Constitution has been lost. The great dividing line today between conservative Republicans and "RINO" Republicans – Republicans in name only – is between people who understand that our Constitution has already been undermined and those who think "good government" is possible under the socialist principles of progressivism.
By Tom Tancredo

Posted: April 10, 2010 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

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Republicans need more than a new quarterback for 2012. They need a new playbook.

I am more of a baseball fan than a football fan, and I think it is because baseball is more like real life. Baseball players must play both offense and defense, unlike football, where there are two separate teams for offense and defense. Unfortunately, politics is more like football, which leads me to wonder why Republicans play only defense and never play offense.

Republicans are against "big government," but have no plan for getting to "small government." Maybe political parties should give up their old-fashioned baseball way of life and adopt rules and strategies more akin to football.

Under new football rules, a political party would field two teams, one team to fight and win elections, and then another to actually run the government. Under the existing baseball rules, Republicans can win elections but not govern. That is because they are good only at defense – stopping bad things from happening, but have no game plan or playbook for scoring touchdowns. Republicans never move the football into enemy territory, never get to the "red zone."

Alas, Republicans labor under the illusion that politics is about winning elections. When they win an election, they celebrate, and then they go home. But Democrats understand that winning elections is but a means to an end – exercising power and governing the country. The Democratic Party is the party of government, whereas the Republican Party is the party of opposition to government. So, when Republicans do win an election, they are ill prepared to use their powers to make government smaller.


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