Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Loose Nukes and Knuckleheads ~ By John Kubicek

I'll just start this post out with the following video:

April 12, 2010 - The Nuclear Security Summit, Iran's nuclear ambitions, and loose nukes

Video provided by TheREALjohnny2k

The knuckleheads are apparently completely delusional to not understand that Israel will not allow Iran to succeed. And my bet is that Benjamin Netanyahu was watching “24” last week, and heard the evil double-agent Dana Walsh say, “Tick-tock, Mr. Bauer, your time is running out.” Israel is all too aware of that scenario. Secretary Clinton, there is no such thing as “strategic patience” when it comes to Israel and Iran’s threats to annihilate them. Only a real knucklehead wouldn’t get that.

Do those knuckleheads even have a valid approach to avoid a nuclear war in the Middle East, in the very near future? Or, should it be called “The Nuclear Security Plummet?“
By John Kubicek

Here is the hardest part about writing commentaries for a blog: Deciding which crisis to write about. Rahm Emanuel has taught me well, as he had said to never let a crisis go to waste.

So, do I pick the issue (crisis) to write about that will get the most views, or do I go with something I believe is a major crisis that may have been lost in the fog of all the overwhelming events that make the front pages? The density of the fog was recently thickened with the news of the mine explosion in West Virginia and the subsequent failed rescue attempt(s); and, ironically speaking of fog, followed by the tragic crash of the Polish airliner carrying many of their top dignitaries.

But in the meantime, if we can get beyond the fog and look over the horizon, there are at least three scenarios looming that could be leading to crisis situations in the future. And believe me, Tiger Woods not winning the Masters didn’t make my top three. Actually, it was just little things like the massive increases to our taxes and the affect that will have on an economy already hanging on by threads on a precipice, or the Mexican drug war now spilling over the boarder. Either one of those things would provide plenty to write about, but there was one other topic that I felt deserved our attention the most. (But don’t worry, those other stories of crisis proportions will be themes in my commentaries in weeks to come.)

While on my daily news watch, I happened to see a combination of segments regarding “the Nuclear Security Summit, Iran’s nuclear ambitions, and loose nukes.” There were several things that were discussed in that video that I found to be quite disturbing. It could be the quandary that Obama’s foreign policies can’t resolve.

First, there is the Nuclear Security Summit (more like a plummet), and the primary focus is apparently on “loose nukes” getting in the hands of terrorists, and Iran building nukes, that could eventually end up in the hands of terrorists. Yes, that is kind of a weird twist, and dilemma that needs to be dealt with. We learn from the above video that right now, there are no security procedures to prevent it from happening. Now, remember, we really don’t want terrorists to get their hands on a loose nuke and cross the Southern boarder into the United States…

But then it gets worse. What do we do about Iran’s nuclear ambitions? Have sanctions worked? Uh, not really. Okay, plan B, and Hillary tells us that is “strategic patience.” Oh, wait, maybe it was “crippling sanctions” that was plan B. The “strategic patience” is just part of the plan to convince the rest of the world that does business with Iran, like Russia and China, to go along with “crippling sanctions” against Iran. Please be patient, Hillary tells the world, it will take time to get sanctions “with teeth.” And in the mean time, Iran keeps working on their nuclear program.


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