Wednesday, March 09, 2011

'Gopher' of 'Love Boat' victim of Islamic hate?

Mann-Grandy [Fred's wife] said the final insult came when the management informed Fred that she no longer was permitted on the show because of comments she had made about Islam.

Because Grandy still is under contract with WMAL, he could not speak on the record to WND. His wife, however, was a guest host and never an employee of WMAL. She gave WND an explanation.

"We were telling the truth about Islam and someone was telling them [the management] to shut up. My feeling is that CAIR did it. Maybe they didn't, but whatever happened, it rattled them so much that they were willing to tell my husband that I was no longer on the show. They didn't have a clue that he wouldn't have any other choice then but to leave," she said.
Here is another example of an organization that fears the pressure from the Islamic community. And it is even a better example of somebody that refuses to bow down to the pressure. I don't understand why a radio station would fear a backlash from the Muslims in their community. I am sure the Muslims do not make up a very large percentage of the station's listeners. I'd love to know what kind of pressure was put on the management to force them to take Mrs. Grandy off the air!

Be sure to read the full story and watch the video. (Sorry, the ability to embed the video was disabled by the youtube user.)

'Gopher' of 'Love Boat' victim of Islamic hate?
Radio station's 'tone down' dictate came after alarms in 'Muslim Mafia' discussed

By Frank York

March 08, 2011 ~ 12:42 pm Eastern

© 2011 WorldNetDaily

The wife of former four-term Iowa Congressman Fred Grandy says part of the reason her husband has dropped his radio program in Washington is the evidence from the book "Muslim Mafia," which is based on an audacious six-month undercover operation in which three investigators pretended to convert to Islam and then interned at the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Grandy resigned from his daily talk show, The Grandy Group, on station WMAL in Washington, D.C., days ago after the station management reportedly told his wife she no longer would be on the show.

Catherine Mann-Grandy had been working to expose the subversive Islamic movement in America, and she told WND she was alarmed after reading Mark Steyn's book "America Alone." She said she became even more concerned after reading Muslim Mafia, a WND Books release by P. David Gaubatz and Paul Sperry.

She had discussed Islam, the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR on air, and Fred Grandy began a daily two-minute feature called "Islam for Dhimmis" to expose the Islamic agenda in America.

A dhimmi is a second-class status assigned to non-Muslims in a Muslim-dominated culture.

But Grandy resigned after being informed by WMAL management that he and his wife had to "tone down" their comments about Islam, CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood on air.

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