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Bad journalism and a song ~ By Victoria Jackson

I'm always very careful to mention my fat, knowing that it is one of the favorite adjectives liberal bloggers use when debating my articles on euthanasia, abortion, Obamacare and Internet neutrality. In actuality, fat is a big deterrent to getting television work – although it hasn't seemed to hamper the careers of Whoopi, Behar, Rosie, Shepherd or Oprah! Maybe liberals are allowed to be fat!

Since I was already bing-ing myself, I checked out Wikipedia. It says that I am a birther! I did not know that! Although, I might be. WND has a plethora of proof. I do know "O" is not a true American. He hates America. That's like a Christian saying they are a Christian but they hate Christ!

Victoria Jackson is not afraid to tell you what is on her mind, even when she is now aware that liberal "journalists" will either lie about what she says, or parse her words to give what she said a completely different meaning. And of course, the liberals in the press aren't even afraid to use name calling as a weapon against her.  Is that real journalism?

But of course, I am sure that Victoria is quite aware that she is not the ONLY conservative celebrity (or politician, or both) that has suffered from what the liberal press tells their mindless minions. Obviously, Sarah Palin knows the feeling of being "victimized" (don't worry, Vicki isn't ever going to be a victim!) by the hate from the left in the media. Remember that? Well, I remember this: Ronald Reagan went through the same thing back in the 1980's (and beyond) at the hands of the liberal lamestream media!

And in the mean time, "coming out" as a conservative may have had a negative affect on Victoria's Hollywood acting career. You will find out more about that when you read the full text of her column, but in the mean time, here is a video that talks about what can happen to Conservatives in Hollywood:

Video provided by TheREALjohnny2k

I do not think that I have to remind Victoria that there is a definite reason for the attacks from the left. Liberals do not like it when they lose the heart of one of their own to our side on the Right. (I think there is a major religion also on this planet that also considers a conversion to any other religion but their own a punishable sin... by death.)

The attacks on Victoria, and Conservatives like her - especially if in Hollyweird - to be quite hurtful and deceitful... Consider the source! The only thing I can suggest to my (hopefully) good friend (someday), Victoria, is just roll with it like Zach said on Fox & Friends:

Video provided by TheREALjohnny2k

And yes, I think Victoria Jackson wrote this column not as a victim, but as a person that will face her storm, and she's doing just fine!

Bad journalism and a song
By Victoria Jackson

March 04, 2011 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2011

I'm driving to see my grandchild. I need a fix. She's 2 months old and still thinks the world is a wonderful place! I think somberly about Polatik and his baby getting chemo in the hospital. It reminds me of a song I wrote called, "It's Foggy."

Video provided by TheUkulelegal ~ March 2, 2011

I'm listening to Beck radio. A caller just said that his friend, a farmer, is being paid by the government not to grow crops. Food prices are rising. Shouldn't we be planting more crops? Oil prices are rising. Shouldn't we drill, baby, drill? We have oil right here! This whole green energy thing is based on a lie. Obama's group, Organizing For America, is protesting balanced budgets! This government is purposefully trying to destroy us. I shake it off. I'm trying to stay in a happy mood.

I don't understand unions. I've been in SAG and AFTRA for the past 30 years. They don't get me work. They do take dues. They say that when I'm 65, I'll get $3,000-ish per month. I like that part. I hope it's true. They send me residual checks occasionally. Their insurance is too expensive now, so I don't have any health insurance. (And I do not want Obamacare.) AFTRA sent me an e-mail last week asking me to protest. I wrote back: "Shame on you for your communistic behavior." I hope that doesn't affect the money I'm supposed to get when I'm 65!

There are no more turnpike tolls! Only electronic "Sun Pass!" I guess those toll booth people are out of work now too. Did we vote on this?

I saw the face of Obama suddenly pop up in some montage during the Oscars! Stop it! Keep him locked up in the White House until we can impeach him, for goodness sakes! Stop inserting him into football, and music, and Oscars. This isn't China or Cuba … yet.

Last time I visited my grandchild a car followed me. Someone is spying on me. But, that's next week's column. This week I want to address the rash of press that just came out about me at CPAC. I resent the liberal media's slant, lies, omissions and insinuations.

First of all, I was called a racist. My song is commenting on our president's worldview. It has nothing to do with his skin color or cultural background. This lie is especially hilarious considering Attorney General Eric Holder's comment this week on the Black Panther case and "my people"! And, of course, my favorite – Obama's comment, "I don't know all the facts, but the (white) police acted stupidly." Now that is racist.

The funniest article about me is by a liberal "plant" who posed as a conservative at CPAC thinking he would get secret information because we didn't suspect he wasn't one of us! The trouble is I tell the truth all the time, so he got only … truth! Matthew Vadum says, "A George Soros-funded Media Matters for America videographer committed journalistic fraud and malfeasance at the freshly concluded 2011 Conservative Political Action."

This next article has one point I agree with. It is hard to take me seriously, the voice, the hair. But, then they call my evidence that "O" is a communist "less than convincing "proof"! My evidence isn't proof?! I got a Facebook comment the other day from a woman who said "Jesus loves communism – everyone is equal." I wrote back, "Then why do all the communist countries kill Christians?"


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