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Spies: National security or silencing the opposition? ~ By Victoria Jackson

A government spying on its citizens is a good thing, if it's for national security. If the spying is to silence the opposition, it is communism.


Whether I'm being spied on or not, I shouldn't feel this way about my government.

When people fear the government there is tyranny; when the government fears the people there is liberty. Therefore, I will keep my bumper stickers and keep my voice loud. Obama should fear me. I can fire him!

There really IS a good reason why I am including Victoria's latest column in this blog today. I have few things to say about what Victoria is telling us.

Victoria explains why there is a need for us stay vigilant and vocal. I don't mean vocal as in the way the Wisconsin teachers were so uncivil by screaming obscenities at their legislators or sending them death threats (you know, the state senators that didn't run to Illinois). Being vocal doesn't have to mean we have to shout down people and disturb the peace and keep people from doing their jobs.

Screaming at people doesn't accomplish anything. I just mean that being "vocal" can include educating our friends and neighbors, or it can mean having a bumper-sticker on our car, or it could be writing a blog. It could also include going to tea-party rallies or town hall meetings or calling your Congressman (just don't do what Vicki will tell you about in the video below!). Heck, you could even just buy one of the "We the People are the MOB" shirts like I advertise at the bottom of the page (Don't be afraid, you are not alone)!

If we stay silent, that is when the government will no longer fear us. That is when people running for office know that we are silent because we are complacent, or we just no longer care what they do (like ObamaCare). Only, when they didn't listen to our CIVIL demands that they should not pass ObamaCare, they have learned their lesson now. Many of those that voted for ObamaCare are no longer Representatives or Senators. So, do you think they hear us now? You would hope so!

Now, here's the deal with Victoria's weird experience that she tells you about in her essay this week. There may be times that when we are "vocal," we will be attacked in some way. Not physically assaulted, but possibly anything from being blacklisted in our careers (in Hollyweird), to having protesters in our front yards. Or, it could be something a lot less threatening, but possibly insidious enough to be concerned (Victoria's experience). Maybe it will just be a twitter troll that tweets lies and demeaning comments about you, like what happened to me this week when I re-tweeted one of Herman Cain's tweets.

The point is, if people like Victoria Jackson, Joseph Farah, Glenn Beck, Phil Elmore, Erik Rush, or me and others that have been vocal, start disappearing... it might be the time when we fear the government, and we'll have to do something more than being vocal and civil. We'll keep being vocal and civil, without fear, in the hope that it will never come to that.

UPDATE: 03-12-11
Don't Give Up ~ By John Kubicek (Sunday, July 26, 2009)

Spies: National security or silencing the opposition?
By Victoria Jackson

March 11, 2011 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2011

I think I'm being spied on.

It all started over a year ago. But this was the latest strangeness.

Last week, I was walking to my car, leaving my grandchild's home. The neighbors were watering their lawn. They shouted from across the street, "Someone's been driving by your house taking pictures."

V [Victoria]: What?

N [Neighbors]: Someone's been taking pictures of your house. They came by four times.

V: Four times? Since I got here, or before that?

N: Since you've been there. Is your house for sale?

V: No.

N: They weren't taking pictures of any other houses on the block, just yours.

V: What did the car look like?

N: It was a dark SUV, kind of beat up, with tinted windows. A man …

V: What did he look like?

N: Middle-aged.

V: Was he using a cell phone or a camera with a long lens?

N: It was a camera. He was holding both of his arms up like this.

V: Maybe it's my political activism. The bumper stickers. I've been telling people the president is a communist.

N: You shouldn't do that.

V: Why?

N: Those people are out to take over the world and you might end up missing.

V: Well … that's the point. If the people fear the government, it's tyranny. If the government fears the people, it's liberty.

N: I'm just saying. We didn't vote for him (Obama), but … we know the Clintons from when we lived in Arkansas.

V: ?

N: See that? (pointing to a burn spot on their lawn). That's where his car was, burned my grass.

V: Did you get his license number?

N: No, should have. I will if he comes back.

V: Maybe it's the tabloids trying to catch me committing adultery or something ...

Way back in 2009, as a beginner political activist, I called Nancy Pelosi's office to voice a concern. (I tell the story on video here:)

Also in 2009, I was speaking at a Westwood tea party in the heart of liberal LaLa land. As the crowd dispersed, a "married" couple asked me to pose for a picture with them and then they didn't leave. When my friends and I went to dinner, we felt obligated to include them. They were in the military. I said, "Oh, I love the military! Thanks for your service!" I asked them which part of the military they were in and he answered, "Intel."

I said, "What's that?"


"Oh! You're a spy! You're spying on me!"

They laughed way too hard and didn't deny it. Mysteriously, they shared all my interests. They were bicoastal, Florida, California. They loved screenwriting, acting and painting. He was a pilot like my husband. Whatever I was interested in, so were they! They pursued a friendship with my husband and me for over a year. They always called us. We never called them. They were sweet, but I always left our long lunches with a strange feeling in my gut. One time they invited themselves to my home in Los Angeles to "show me one of Bob's paintings that was in the trunk of his car!"

When they finally left, hours later, Paul said he thought they were strange, but not spies, just awestruck fans. I said, "I've been around SNL fans my whole life. They do not act like that." Paul said, "His art is weird. But all you artists are weird."

When we moved back to Florida permanently, so did they! What a coincidence! They were even looking for houses in our neighborhood! Their car was a huge, black minivan with tinted windows and a circular, radar thing on the top. I pointed it out and they laughed, "We're spies! Ha! Ha!" Another four-hour lunch where I learned nothing about them brought "Bob" to a long, conservative rant where he said to me, "… so you tell Glenn Beck that, the next time you see him." I did a double take. I looked into his eyes as if to say, is that what you're after? Glenn Beck info? I had a bumper sticker with Beck on it, and I wrote a fan letter to him on Big Hollywood. I replied truthfully, "I don't know Glenn Beck personally."


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  1. Victoria! I love you! Why do you have to be married? To a cop?

    I'm kidding, and I am not a spy! What an awesome column, Vicki!