Thursday, March 17, 2011

The 1 must-have tool for turbulent times ~ By Phil Elmore

Buy a shotgun. Do it now. Don't wait.

The world is burning. The shadows cast by those fires are long and dark.
I recommend this column because there is excellent information, and because there may not be a lot time left to prepare.

There is nothing in this column I could disagree with or even expound on. (If you have read a few of the posts that I have included in this blog, you know that I am all about making sure you understand that there are good reasons to be prepared.) I'm not a gun or self-defense expert, but I do have a neighbor that owns a gun store, and he has told me the exact same thing about the shot gun and the preferred ammo, the slug. You will want to read the entire column to get all of the information that Phil provides.

The 1 must-have tool for turbulent times
By Phil Elmore

March 17, 2011 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

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"May you live," the ancient curse goes, "in interesting times." We certainly live in days that are anything but boring. The word is, politically, figuratively and, in the case of Japan, literally on fire. We mere mortals, the common citizens, the working men and women of the United States, must stand by and watch it burn down around us. Or must we? With the increasing instability of our politics, our economy and even the physical world itself, only the insane or the stupid would fail to prepare.

Westerners have always been prone to technological pseudo-preparation. By this I mean that we, as modern citizens of the West, tend to think that once we acquire a tool, the potential problem is addressed. I may need to drive a nail, so once I buy a hammer, the problem is solved ... right? Well, yes and no. I have the tool I'll need to do the job, but if I've never driven a nail before, I can't assume my work is done. If I want to do the job properly, I've got to make sure I acquire the skill to use the hammer effectively.

Given this and despite it, I can't properly drive a nail until I buy that hammer. The time to purchase a hammer is not the moment you start your work; you should be prepared ahead of time. The time to prepare for social upheaval, civil unrest, economic uncertainty and simple self-defense is not when an emergency happens. It is now or, preferably, weeks, months and years ago. As you can't go back in time, you're left with now. Don't delay. There's a piece of technology you need to have on hand, and while you'll need to get an education in the use of that tool, you can't hope to start until the tool is in your possession.

That tool is a shotgun.

Shotguns are among the most common firearms in the United States. They're typically less regulated than almost any other firearms, such as handguns and even rifles, although minimum barrel lengths and minimum overall lengths are governed by federal law. Seen primarily as hunting and sporting tools, they are nonetheless incredibly effective short-range self-defense weapons. If you don't own a shotgun, get one.

You need to know more about that shotgun than you can read in a column of roughly 1,000 words, but if you read and learn nothing else, take this to heart: A shotgun could save your family and your own life, protecting you in times of great trouble. Those times are not on the horizon. They're with us now. The world is burning and the smoke from that fire is growing thicker, darker and closer.


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