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Gas price too high? Here's whom to thank ~ By Henry Lamb

On top of all this, consider that China and India are increasing their use of carbon-based fuels to expand their economies dramatically. They are using cheap carbon energy to manufacture solar panels and wind turbines for use in America to generate energy that is outrageously expensive. What sense does this make? It certainly "spreads the wealth around" at the expense of Americans.

The only way to stop this nonsense is to continue the revolution started in November, 2010 and intensify efforts to put a majority in the Senate who understand and respect the U.S. Constitution and value a free-market economy. If the current administration can be replaced with a president who believes government has no business spreading around other people's wealth, and that the U.S. must become self-sufficient in energy production, while defending our borders at home and our interests abroad, then we can open ANWR, drill offshore and use the resources within our own nation.

Those who object to this goal should be re-tested.

Henry reveals the real reasons for our high gas prices. You probably won't be surprised to find out that much of it may have to do with "spreading the wealth around."

Henry Lamb actually discloses something that has been no secret for a long time, and yet, those that are executing such an idiotic plan are not phased by the fact that their policies are destroying America. Oh, wait, let me be clear. The progressive elites are really not that stupid, I suppose, being that many had graduated from Ivy League schools. So, that could mean only one other possibility: Their destruction of America is INTENTIONAL! And, if you still don't believe that, Henry's column will be another piece of the puzzle that will result, eventually, in giving you the ability to see the whole picture.

Gas price too high? Here's whom to thank
By Henry Lamb

March 12, 2011 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2011

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In December 1996, Bill Clinton vetoed legislation that would have added more than a million barrels of domestic oil per day to help reduce America's dependence on foreign oil. His reasoning at the time was that ANWR could not produce oil for 10 years, a laughable excuse.

For years, responsible congressmen fought to open ANWR (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge).

The real reason ANWR remains closed to needed domestic oil production is the relentless propaganda campaign waged by green organizations that preach the now-discredited gospel of global warming. These organizations contribute heavily to Democratic candidates and, during the Clinton administration, occupied the White House and management positions of federal agencies. (See this report and especially endnote No. 30.)

The Bush administration tried again to expand domestic oil production. Congressional Democrats would not allow it. They filibustered Sen. Ted Stevens' bill to open ANWR in 2005, and in 2008 killed a bill to expand off-shore drilling. Had the greens, the Dems and Clinton not conspired to prevent the expansion of domestic oil production nearly two decades ago, America could be nearly self-sufficient in energy production today.

Video provided by Veracifier on Apr 29, 2008

Obama may be worse than all of the above. Van Jones, his first green-jobs czar, is a self-proclaimed communist. His "Green Collar Economy" cannot exist unless carbon-based energy is either outlawed or taxed to a price point beyond the price of his proposed alternative energy. Carol Browner, his choice for global-warming czar, is a socialist. She served as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency during the Clinton administration and hates the use of carbon-based energy in America.

There is no reason to force an already stressed economy into a "green" economy where, for example, a Chevy Volt costs $41,000 (before the $7,500 tax credit) for a mid-size hatchback that's rated 40 mpg highway. Dozens of mid-size cars are available for half the price with mpg ratings in the mid or high 30s. A "green" economy requires massive subsidies from government and/or increased taxes on carbon-based energy to equalize the playing field. This kind of manipulation is not a free-market economy. It is a major factor in rising gas prices and other energy costs.

What's happening in the Obama administration may be much worse than the price of gasoline. His admission to Joe the Plumber that he wants to "spread the wealth around" is a goal that is not limited to the United States. Even in defiance of a court order, Obama refuses to allow off-shore drilling for domestic energy. He has no reluctance, however, to provide $2 billion in funding for drilling off the Brazilian coastline. He is trying to spread the wealth to Brazil, while preventing wealth creation in U.S. oil fields.

Video provided by Obamamania on Oct 13, 2008

Obama's desire to spread the wealth around includes spreading American-generated wealth to foreign countries. It was Obama who pushed his "Global Poverty Act" (S. 2433) to increase foreign aid to the level dictated by the U.N.


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