Thursday, March 31, 2011

John Stossel and my pleasure jolts ~ By Barry Farber

And if every member of Congress could see John Stossel's "Freeloaders" on Fox, neither socialism, the Bureau of Indian Affairs nor the U.S. budget would ever be the same, either.

If you talk to Lumbees about "wigwams, tomahawks, squaws, etc." they won't scalp you. But they're more comfortable talking about approved loans, balanced portfolios, expanding equity and a surging Dow.

That gives them a severe pleasure jolt.

There is a definite conduit of "pleasure jolts" going on here. John Stossel generated the "pleasure jolt" with his "Freeloaders" special, which was then transmitted to Barry Farber, who then transferred that amazing energy of "pleasure jolts" to me like I was touching a hot line while standing in salt water.

I had apparently neglected to set my TiVo to get the John Stossel special on Fox News recorded the evening it was on. I was glad to see that somebody else has it uploaded to youtube, which I of course watched, and then inserted in the excerpted text below. But the "pleasure jolt" comes in both finding a video of Stossel's "Freeloaders" special, and in Barry Farber's realization that it's another powerful example of the failure of government assistance, and the success of free enterprise while doing without any kind of subsidy from the Nanny State.

Now, if you are reading this column and watching the video, and you feel more like you are enduring shock treatment, rather than the "pleasure jolt," you may want to start reconsidering the actual source of your misery. And if the current you are receiving is generated by Big Brother, think battery: It will eventually die.

So, never forget the other lesson in Farber's column: Knowledge is power.

John Stossel and my pleasure jolts

By Barry Farber

March 30, 2011 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2011

Occasionally I'm hit with a severe jolt of pleasure; a strange pleasure; a pleasure most profound. You've heard, "Knowledge is power." With me it's also, "Knowledge is pleasure." Example:

Nobody asked me to cover the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway. However, I just happen to know that Lillehammer is located in the part of Norway named "Gudbrandsdalen." And I also happen to know that means "The Valley of God's Fire." I'll bet you not one in a hundred of the non-Norwegian press corps knows that; that's all. And that's enough; enough for me, anyhow.

Now here comes John Stossel, fellow WND columnist, over the weekend of March 26 with one of the best pieces in television history: "Freeloaders," a Fox News special delivering stomp-down proof that Indian tribes that are not recognized as tribes by the government and get no federal handouts are more successful than those on the federal dole. Stossel visited the Lumbee tribe of North Carolina, whose members get nothing from the government. They're generally successful in business. Many live in luxury mansions. In contrast, the Indians embraced by the feds live in what look like tar-paper shacks.

(Start watching this video at about 5:46)

Video provided by ThomasPaine4 on Mar 26, 2011

In boxing, John Stossel's interview with Elizabeth Homer, who used to be the government nanny of the recognized tribes, would have been canceled as a mismatch or halted on a TKO early in Round 1. She was pitifully unable to defend government stewardship over Native Americans as anything but the failure of socialism.

I'll never quit thanking Stossel for giving me Part 4 of my standard answer to the question, "How can you flat-out say that capitalism is better for the masses than socialism?" Up to now I've had three examples: free and prosperous Finland, which began its national life simultaneously with its dysfunctional Communist Russian neighbor; West Berlin, delivering mortal embarrassment to Communist East Berlin every day of the latter's existence; and Hong Kong, when it was British and free right next to Communist China. Now I add: the Lumbees, up against all the tribes spoon-fed by Washington.


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