Thursday, March 10, 2011

Our inviolable right to self-defense ~ By Phil Elmore

Given these facts of existence, the only legitimate role of government in a free society is the protection of individuals' natural rights. That is why governments are instituted among human beings – or at least, that is why they should be.

When a government denies its citizens' rights or actively seeks to infringe on these rights, it subordinates the individual to the state and injures that individual in the name of the community. By what right is this done? By what right is this force initiated and this theft made? How dare New York's commie libs steal the right of self–defense through their burdensome taxes and their obvious schemes for future confiscation? They have no right to do this; there is no justification for it.

Self-defense is an individual right and, as such, is inviolable ... no matter what lies Democrats tell.

Phil explains the inviolable natural rights of individuals and how it relates to the right to self-defense. Phil's explanation of individual rights and self-defense makes what Bob Lonsberry wrote all the more scarier, as it means the State of New York may just make it even easier for your rights to be violated:
Registration is the foreplay of confiscation, and this piece of legislation would put the physical location of every legal gun in the state at the touch of the government’s finger. The government would know who had guns and where they kept them.

And so too, presumably, would anyone who filed a freedom of information request. New York has already held that its pistol permits – which include personal information as well as a list of handguns owned – are public records. This new list of guns and gun owners would also be a public record.

Which means the bad guys have just learned where every gun is. That tells them what houses are unprotected, that tells them what houses they should burglarize.

And with the list of where each gun is stored, it will make burglary all the easier.

Our inviolable right to self-defense
By Phil Elmore

March 10, 2011 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2011

The state in which I live, New York, is contemplating a law that would register and tax every firearm in the state. Already ruling the state most hostile to gun owners, New York's Democrats wish to enact a precursor to confiscation that is not just transparent in its intentions, but onerous in its financial burdens. What is often lost in debates over laws of this type is what they truly say to the citizens they affect. A law that restricts the technology of self-defense is a law that criminalizes self-defense itself. It is a law that violates your civil rights. It is a direct affront to you as a human being.

The Founding Fathers of the United States indicated their acceptance of, and based the United States Constitution on, the concept of natural rights. For the purposes of this discussion, it doesn't matter if you believe in God or not. Most deists and theists believe rights are God-granted, while others believe natural rights come from nature. Natural rights exist regardless.

Because you are a discrete biological entity, you are an individual. Every group of people can be broken into individuals. No group of people can exist as a single living organism because they simply aren't one, any more than a parking lot full of cars can be a single automobile.

Because no human can be another human, no one can live another's life. By virtue of your nature as an individual, you are born with the inalienable property right to yourself as a person. This means that no human being has a claim on your time or your effort without your consent. Think about it. If you do not own you, who does? If you are anything but your own property, you belong to someone else, which makes you that someone's slave. Are you a slave?

Your property right to your person extends to a general right to possess legally acquired property, for no human can exist without property of some kind. This is an axiom of existence. You cannot exist in space unconnected to all other existents, the sole resident of an empty bubble of space-time. This does not mean you have an automatic claim to someone else's property by virtue of your need for it, however. This means that you necessarily have the right to possess property if you can indeed acquire it. Claims to the contrary made by Marxists, collectivists and Michael Moore are empty. If you have no right to possess property once you have obtained it, those making this assertion must be making it naked while floating in empty rooms from which even air has been evacuated.


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