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Rush: Trump's questions a service to Obama

Hannity referenced Donald Trump's demand on "The View" television program that Obama should just "show the birth certificate."

Trump, a possible president candidate, apparently made the issue a legitimate campaign question, prompting Hannity to ask his panel, "What do you think about this birth certificate issue? … It has not been my main issue, but it kind of does get a little odd here after a while. Can't they just produce it and we move on?"

Video excerpt provided by Media Matters

They couldn't stay quiet about it forever. The Donald Trump "war with Whoopi" on The View over Barack Obama's birth certificate issue has catapulted radio talk show hosts and news show hosts on Fox News into a whole new level of conversation about something that could out to be nothing, if only the President would allow his actual long-form hospital-generated birth certificate to be seen. Since the tender topic first came to light back in the summer of 2008, the mainstream news organizations and radio talk shows had basically ignored the subject, if not out-right ridiculing anyone that made a suggestion that the President may or may not be constitutionally eligible because of the lack of that all-important document that is needed just to get your children onto a little-league baseball team. The subject is no longer being completely avoided. So far, though, most of the people like Donald Trump, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and even Chris Matthews have only stated that the President should make the document available in order to quell the questions and put it to rest.

However, as could be seen in the video of Donald Trump on the view, and on the clip of Hannity's Great America Panel segment seen above, there are still people on the left, such as Whoopi Goldberg and Jerry Springer, that believe that anyone that brings up Obama's eligibility are racist, which is light years from the truth, while others on the left are still ridiculing the "birthers" as right-wing kooks. But as Rush was saying, the nation is now laughing as Obama supporters are "doing their best to prop up what they know is a mistake."

The biggest mistake ever made in an election couldn't be papered over forever. With the next election quickly approaching, Obama needs to bring the birth certificate and eligibility issue to a quick end... IF he can!

Rush: Trump's questions a service to Obama
'He's giving him chance to establish credibility by producing birth certificate'

Posted: March 24, 2011 ~ 4:00 pm Eastern

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Talk radio icon Rush Limbaugh today said possible presidential candidate Donald Trump is doing a service to the man he could oppose in the 2012 race by raising the issue of Barack Obama's birth certificate and eligibility.

Media attention on the issue, which has been covered in depth by WND since it developed during the 2008 presidential race, has exploded in the last two days after Trump challenged the women of "The View" television program over the issue.

Today, Limbaugh, who previously has joked about the issue and raised concerns that the questions remain unanswered, praised Trump for his comments.

"You and I have known all along – that we're dealing with a man-child here who has literally no qualifications. No experience. No track record. And according to Donald Trump now no birth certificate," he said.

"Trump is performing a valuable service here. He is attempting to help Obama out of a jam," Limbaugh continued. "You can't say that Trump is a kook right-wing birther. Trump realizes the problem Obama faces here with credibility. He's giving him a chance here to establish some credibility by producing the birth certificate."

Limbaugh said the nation now laughs as supporters of Obama are "doing their best to prop up what they know is a mistake. We're being governed by a giant mistake. One of the biggest mistakes that's ever been made in an election in this country."

While supporters try to "paper over" questions about Obama, "Trump's not the kind of guy to comb over difficulties. If he's going to bring this up about this birth certificate, you know that it's serious. Trump's not a fly-by-night kind of guy."

Limbaugh also noted the irony of a video clip aired today in which Obama apparently was locked out of the White House.

"While hilarious, it is one of the most accurate metaphors for where we are with this regime and where it is. How do you NOT know the president's coming in," he said. "That was the excuse the White House gave. What do you mean you didn't know?"

The Mediaite has posted online a video of Limbaugh's report:

Video excerpt provided by The Mediaite

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