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Liberals and violence: The pot calling the kettle black ~ By Erik Rush

Yet, while barbarity and amorality remain sacrosanct to progressives, they continue to whip their deluded base into a frenzied hatred of conservatives who, in the practical sense, are ordinary Americans with traditional values. They are preparing for war – literally – with this dark army, which they will find consists of the vast majority of Americans, when it comes down to the issues that matter.

When someone who is considered conservative cites a questionable act, practice, or position on the part of liberals, there are myriad examples available. But when Bill Maher says that the tea party is a racist organization, all he can point to is some genetic nightmare who got kicked out of a tea-party rally back in 2009 for bringing a racist placard.

And I have yet to hear a conservative talk about killing political opponents.
Erik brings up the term, "Projection," to make a very good point about liberals and violence that many of us may not have thought of without a degree in psychology. Erik was exactly right on when he described "Projection" as "a term used by mental-health professionals to describe the phenomenon of one accusing a perceived enemy of unsavory or amoral behavior in which they themselves are engaged." But I can add one more thing after seeing this when looking up the word on
11. Psychology
  •  the tendency to ascribe to another person feelings, thoughts, or attitudes present in oneself, or to regard external reality as embodying such feelings, thoughts, etc., in some way.
  • Psychoanalysis: such an ascription relieving the ego of a sense of guilt or other intolerable feeling.
The "psychoanalysis" part of that definition above seems to add even more sense to what is psychologically happening with "projection" as defined, and WHY liberals seem to be the ones suffering this mental health malady most often. In fact, does not "relieving the ego of a sense of guilt or other intolerable feeling" seem to explain how some liberals that are not suffering financially want to "share the wealth" of other tax payers that are well off? Guilt? You bet! The guilt could be that it's a known fact that many liberals (Democrats) give much less to charity than conservative Republicans! It's been "the pot calling the kettle black" all along since the Progressive movement began a century ago.

But, yes, it is assuredly a more disturbing picture now that Bill Maher projected his contention that "conservatives want to kill everyone with whom they disagree." Being that most liberals will definitely hate me now that I've expounded on Erik's column in this way, I may want to start watching my back.

Liberals and violence: The pot calling the kettle black

By Erik Rush

March 03, 2011 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2011

Last month, comedian and progressive activist Bill Maher stated on national television that conservatives want to kill everyone with whom they disagree. Yes, Maher is an arrogant, imperious, condescending fool, but this is the sort of fare Americans are treated to on one of the most popular programs on television in 2011. A placard from one of the Madison, Wis., pro-union demonstrations read "Why do Republicans Hate People?"

I've been talking about projection for a long time; truth be told, to the best of my knowledge, longer than anyone I know of who's talking about it now. But that's quite all right – as long as the message gets out.

And it's a very important message, because it gives us insight into an enemy that is more dangerous than most Americans realize. Projection is a term used by mental-health professionals to describe the phenomenon of one accusing a perceived enemy of unsavory or amoral behavior in which they themselves are engaged. Unfortunately, most Americans don't know about projection, except perhaps in passing as a morsel from Psych 101 – and most definitely are not aware of what a staple it is in the arsenal of progressives.

In the past, when I've mentioned liberals' proclivity for projection, I said that I'd get really nervous when they started accusing us of wanting to kill people.

Well … now they're accusing us of wanting to kill people.

We're familiar with the misrepresentations: conservatives are intolerant, bigoted, divisive, homophobic, racist, sexist, greedy, hateful liars. But it is liberals who call for civil discourse and an end to inflammatory rhetoric, yet expect to be allowed to employ violent references, killing being among them.

As the reader may be aware, decades of this anti-conservative mantra alone have led millions to honestly believe that the things liberals have been saying are true. This should be of great concern to Americans, since people tend to harbor precious little quarter for those who want to kill them, because the instinct for self-preservation comes into play – you have no choice but to kill the one who would kill you first.

While it is fairly evident why this strategy is employed (to demonize conservatives), it is the left's history that is replete with violent mobs charging into the streets and murdering members of the opposition until attrition wins the day. This later gives rise to tyrants and/or despotic commissions that execute millions of ideological stragglers in purges.


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