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Obama's laughing at you ~ By Joseph Farah

The Barack Obama SMIRK
You know who they're laughing at – you. You and the Constitution and the laws of the land. Because for people like Obama and Emanuel, the laws are not really laws. They are merely suggestions – or requirements for their opponents. They are not etched in stone. They change subject to their convenience. They are to be sidestepped and mocked. Obama and Emanuel and their allies are above the law. The law is just for rubes like you.

Do you get it?

Joseph Farah brings up some excellent points in this piece, and the main theme is that Obama is laughing at "us." And who do I or does Joseph mean by "us?" Not just any American. Probably not anyone involved with public employee unions or SEIU or ACORN. No. The disparagement is targeted on the American people in the Tea Party Movement, and especially those of us (which is the vast majority of the movement) that take the Constitution of the United States (COTUS) seriously! In other words, it isn't just the "birthers" that Obama and his cronies are laughing at. I guarantee that the marginalization and ridicule will continue to happen in 2012 during the election campaigns, and will be projected on whoever is chosen to be Obama's Republican opponent.

Toward the end of the excerpt below, Joseph lists the reasons that Obama refuses to release his birth certificate (and many other vital records that would help us determine who he really is). I would like to add three more possibilities to the list:

  • Is it that Obama is just showing his extreme arrogance and his disdain for the Constitution, and by disparaging the "birthers," he is, by projection, actually trying to disparage anyone that supports the Constitution?
  • Is it because Obama is trying to distract the tea-partiers, those of us on the Right, and the alternative media? Isn't that the old magician trick of "watch this hand so you don't see what the other hand is doing?"
  • Is it a trap for the GOP candidate in 2012? That candidate could risk alienating those of us that question Obama's eligibility and his past if our candidate dismisses it, or be gleefully ridiculed, marginalized, and excoriated by the left-wing press and Obama campaign staff if the GOP candidate happens to agree with us.

Hey, House of Representatives! Impeach Obama, or Become Irrelevant ~ By Tom Cox

Obama's laughing at you

By Joseph Farah

March 17, 2011 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2011

Last Saturday night, Barack Obama spoke to the Gridiron Club in Washington.

In case you don't know, the Gridiron Club is an exclusive, invitation-only group of Washington "journalists." Every year the group hobnobs with the public officials they are supposed to be covering in a private dinner, usually including the president – or, as in the case last Saturday, the current occupant of the White House.

From the filtered reports of the event, it was just about what you would expect.

Barack Obama cut off the playing of "Hail to the Chief" by the U.S. Marine Band as he was introduced and asked: "Can we go with that song we talked about?"

With that, the band broke into Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the USA."

"Some things just bear repeating," Obama cracked.


He can repeat it all he wants. And, for all we know, it may even be true that Obama was born in the USA. But a more effective way to make the point, now that he is aware of the fact that most Americans don't believe his birth narrative or much of anything else he says, would be to release his birth certificate.

Somehow, I think there's a reason he refuses to do so.

What could that reason be?
  • Is it that his long-form birth certificate, the one needed to get a passport, sign up for Little League baseball or get a driver's license in many states, was long ago amended to show he was adopted by an Indonesian stepfather?
  • Is it that his long-form birth certificate would reveal his parents weren't who he claims?
  • Is it that his long-form birth certificate shows he was born somewhere besides Hawaii?
  • Is it that his long-form birth certificate shows he was born in some other country?

We don't know. For whatever reason, Obama would like us never to know – and that is of understandable concern to millions of Americans, even if it is of no concern to the Gridiron Club, which guffawed itself into hysteria last Saturday night.

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