Saturday, March 15, 2014

Anatomy of government cover-ups ~ By Larry Klayman

And, as the Justice Department-run grand juries carry on – usually endlessly until after the administration in power leaves office – little to nothing happens in terms of law enforcement. If indeed a person or two wind up being indicted, they are almost always lower or middle level officials who take the fall for the higher ups, including but not limited to the president himself.

Why do these lower and middle level officials take the proverbial fall for their masters who put them in power? Assuming that they have not been bribed – which does happen – this is because if they do not play ball they will have no chance of being appointed to any future government position and could even risk, as in the Clinton years in particular, being killed. During these years, over 80 government witnesses and others capable of implicating the Bonnie and Clyde of American politics in major crimes simply vanished off the face of the earth like a Malaysian airliner. One can call my “observations” rank speculation and so-called conspiracy theory, but the law of averages would more than suggest that of the 80, at least a few were offed by the henchmen of Bill and Hill.
So many of us during the 1990's felt that both Bill and Hillary Clinton were monsters who were able to get away with murder. However, as Larry Klayman points out, the Clintons were just into the corruption for protection of their personal power. In contrast, President Barack Hussein Obama and his corrupt administration are trying to end American exceptionalism and trying to get and keep the Marxists in power.  The problem is that the corruption will keep going on, and there will never be justice, as Klayman points out in this column, unless "we ourselves have the courage, as the Founding Fathers did in 1776, to risk all to save the nation and by extension ourselves and loved ones."

Anatomy of government cover-ups
Larry Klayman
By Larry Klayman

Friday, March 14th, 2014


Having been a U.S. Justice Department prosecutor and self-appointed crime fighter for many years, founding and running Judicial Watch and now Freedom Watch, I have come to learn the hard way how our so-called government attempts to cover up its deceit, fraud and corruption. Indeed, there is a formula that applies in almost every case. This helps explain why congressional committees have not been able to obtain even a scintilla of justice for the atrocities committed by President Barack Hussein Obama and his comrades in scandals ranging from Fast and Furious-gate to Benghazi-gate, IRS-gate, Extortion 17-gate and a host of other egregious violations of the public’s trust.

A textbook Washington scandal can usually begin with a whistleblower – that is, someone inside the government who has a conscience and “blows the whistle” over criminal activity – coming forward to the press. When this happens, the media seize on and frequently sensationalize the story to reach readers and, in the case of cable news, viewers. After the story takes hold and begins its journey to reach critical mass, congressmen and senators exploit it to further their political interests and goals, appearing on Fox News or MSNBC and CNN, depending on which proverbial ox is gored – left or right, Democrat or Republican.

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