Thursday, March 20, 2014

VIDEO: Be prepared for something big to come soon

It is a long video, much longer than my usual videos posted here, but it is worth watching every minute of it. Lt. General Tom McInerney (RET, USAF) was right, I believe. Somebody saw this segment, and felt the need to change this story. Here I was thinking that this story would lead to another major military (SEAL Team 6) operation to save the Flight MH370 passengers and crew, something to make Obama look good (like the supposed killing of Osama Bin Laden). But now, they are talking about wreckage possibly being found West of Australia.

Which scenario would help Obama the most, though? Disparaging the thought that there is still terrorism, or a major rescue of the people on that flight, landed somewhere, like in Pakistan?

Wait, maybe the best thing would be to tell the truth, no matter how it all works out. If the missing Flight MH370 went down, it is more likely to have been caused by terrorism than a mechanical failure. If it was a mechanical failure, so they say, hopefully it will be a more convincing theory than a center fuel tank exploding from a spark. I'd hate to see how the Obama minions in the mainstream press try to make it out to be workplace violence.

So, the possible debris from the missing flight is out floating on the ocean. That's pretty convenient, just a day after relatives of Chinese passengers had a melt down about finding their loved ones! I'm just sayin'...

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