Monday, March 17, 2014

VIDEO: Watch Out For the Trojan Horse, as in Flight MH370

Please forgive me for a minute, but there is a theory that I have regarding the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. I'm pretty sure that the Boeing 777 was landed somewhere with the passengers and crew all alive and ... well, let's just leave it at alive. They could now be hostages. One thing you aren't hearing about very much are the two Iranian passengers with stolen passports and one-way tickets paid for with cash by another unknown Iranian. Is it possible that the plane was landed in Iran? We know about the 20 passengers that are engineers for a company that makes Electronic Warfare equipment. That alone could be valuable to a country like Iran. The plane would be valuable to Iran for use as a way to fly a nuclear weapon to a target, such as Israel, Western Europe, or the United States. And who knows what was in the cargo hold of the plane that might be of great value. And now you know the reason of the title of this post.

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