Thursday, March 27, 2014

Palin Endorses Ernst in Iowa Senate Race

Palin's endorsement, of course, playfully referred to Ernst's pig castration/pork-cutting TV ad that has the internet buzzing and left Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon cringing.

In accepting Palin's endorsement, Ernst, who has also been backed by Mitt Romney, told that she was "proud to stand with the Mama Grizzly against big spenders in Washington like Bruce Braley and Nancy Pelosi."

"Sarah Palin is an inspiration to those of us who want to protect life, defend the Second Amendment, and get Washington out of our wallets," Ernst said.
Funny thing about politics, especially in presidential elections; the campaigning starts long before the next election. And I'm wondering if the Mama Grizzly herself, Sarah Palin, has started her 2016 bid for the GOP nomination. By strongly endorsing a U.S. Senate candidate from Iowa for the GOP nomination, Joni Ernst, Sarah Palin has created an opening to make a lot of speeches here in Iowa over the next seven months, and probably for the next year or two.  And if Joni Ernst wins the nomination, and then the election in November, you can bet that she'll be a huge supporter for a Sarah Palin presidential bid in 2016.

And right after I found out about Joni Ernst via this article about Sarah Palin's endorsement, I happened to see this segment on The Five:
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The only other GOP U.S. Senate candidate in Iowa that I was aware of until yesterday was Mark Jacobs. There are six candidates running, and now I know of two. I am assuming that Jacobs' campaign is going well, as a lot of TV advertising money has been spent so far. But now, there is a big-time competitor in the mix, and based on the way it is starting out, Joni Ernst is going to make a race out of it.
Palin's endorsement of Ernst is also well-timed, coming one day after the GOP research group America Rising released a video of Braley calling Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley a "farmer from Iowa who never went to law school" at a Texas fundraiser.

Just a note to Bruce Braley: Sen. Grassley did NOT vote for Obamacare, and you did, without ever reading the bill... and you're the lawyer? Just sayin'...

Palin Endorses Ernst in Iowa Senate Race
By Joe Battaglia

Wednesday, 26 Mar 2014 04:34 PM


One day after her campaign ad went viral, conservative Iowa Senate candidate Joni Ernst was endorsed by former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin in her bid to gain the Republican nomination among a crowded field of candidates in the June 3 primary election.

"If Nebraska’s Deb Fischer can see through the bull in Washington, then Iowa’s Joni Ernst can help her cut through the pork," Palin wrote on her Facebook page.

"Growing up on a hog farm in southwest Iowa, Joni has taken her 'pork cutting' skills to the Iowa State Senate, where she has been a champion for life, small government, and lower taxes – voting for the largest tax cut in Iowa history."

Palin also cited Ernst's background as a "veteran of the Iraq war [who] continues her service as a Lt. Colonel in the Iowa Army National Guard" and her pro-Second Amendment beliefs as owner of a concealed weapon license and "A" rating by the National Rifle Association as reasons Iowans should back Ernst.

"She's been a fighter for freedom both in and out of uniform," Palin said. "Iowa – come together and send this Midwest Mama Grizzly roaring to Washington on her Harley so she can join with the good guys to get our country back on track!"

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