Tuesday, March 25, 2014

VIDEO: It could amount to giving up our freedom of internet access!

This segment raised many more questions than it answered. I know the Mystery of the Missing Flight MH370 is still the big news, but this story must not be dismissed. Our freedom is at stake.

Of course, we should definitely take action, like maybe yell and scream about it, because Obama's plan to shed our control of the internet is a very bad idea. And this is not just one of those plans with noble intentions that lead to unintended consequences. This is much more like an evil intention with consequences that are very much intended.

What I haven't come close to figuring out is why Bill Clinton is against the internet transition plan. Look up the definition of "Globalist" and Bill Clinton's picture will appear. Is Bill Clinton just trying to protect his legacy of having the Vice-President that invented the internet?  I really don't know. 

For more information about the "internet transition," see this recently posted story: "Internet transition triggers GOP backlash"

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