Thursday, March 27, 2014

Video: The journalism in the Flight MH370 mystery is bazaar

While Bill O'Reilly and Bernie Goldberg are flipping out about the journalism in the coverage of the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370, they were forgetting that it took at least a week to determine that the missing flight went down in the South Indian Ocean, if that is actually what happened. And after all the various reporting by the mainstream media, the Black Hole Network (CNN), Fox News Channel, the New Media, and even citizen journalists, there's going to be a strong chance that there will still be plenty of doubt about any forthcoming official explanation.

When I watched this segment, the first thought I had was that O'Reilly and Goldberg had been reading my blogs. No, I never predicted what happened to Flight MH370, but I definitely nailed it on the media and public reaction to the mystery. The only thing that I ever predicted, which goes along with the theme of the bazaar journalism, was what I wrote on Tuesday, March 11, 2014:
New reports are still coming in, and in later posts, I'll be giving you updates. One thing you will probably never see me write, though, is "mystery solved." We many never find out for sure what happened, or we may never hear the truth about what happened.
It wasn't what O'Reilly said in this segment that irked me, it was the arrogant way that he says that he had it right for a week, and that any other journalists were only exploiting the story for their ratings. Yes, I will agree, there were news reporters and their guests that were way out there, but I think that most of us, We the People, are not We the Clueless like O'Reilly tries to make us seem to be.   Except for the low-info knuckledraggers that never follow the news, most of us are able to discern the stories that were informative from those of the conspiracy theorists. Well, usually...

I began following the story over two weeks ago, right here on johnny2k's Blogging in Our Time 2 Escape. Here is a timeline of the stories I've posted related to the Mystery of the Missing Flight MH370:
I have to agree with Geraldo Rivera when he said, "You have to cover all the bases." In an investigation, you have to evaluate all of the leads and clues, gather the evidence, and then possibly make conclusions. Now that they believe the missing Flight MH370 is in the South Indian Ocean, based on the clues, the next part of the case will be trying to determine how and why the plane flew those seven or eight hours to land in the drink.  Finding the aircraft, and possibly some remains of passengers, would do a lot to bring closure for the victims' families, but knowing the actual cause for sure may take years, if ever.  But, because of the "bazaar journalism," there will be plenty of people that will never believe any "official explanation." Just sayin'...

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