Monday, March 31, 2014

VIDEO: Why do Liberals attack black Conservatives?

There is a real truth that people on the Left need to know, but they refuse to hear it or believe it. I pretty much made the point in a blog I just posted recently, called, "Seven Hard Truths Liberals Just Don’t Want To Hear ~ By Kurt Schlichter." It really fits well into the puzzle, one of the pieces that I will give you here. This is the part where the Liberals have one basic attack strategy: Attack those that make their cause known for whatever it is!

While this great country has drifted to the Left, there will soon be more and more people that will get it! The black Conservatives are showing that there is a great alternative to Lyndon Baynes Johnson's Great Society. Sticking to values and principles that many of us grew up with will help anyone that wants to take responsibility for our future, regardless of race! But, heck, if those on the Left think that they can hide the truth forever that not all black American's have fallen for the lie that America willingly keeps them from prospering, there will be people like me that will serve the Truth to them until somebody comes and pries my keyboard from under my cold, dead hands.

As Kevin Jackson of the Blacksphere explains it:
Even Bill Maher is getting it. Maher was discussing Paul Ryan’s comments about what’s happening in the inner cities, and Bell decided to ring the racism bell. W Kamau Bell, the host of a show called “Totally Biased” proved to be exactly that. At least he’s honest about his racism, though he still needs to come to grip with his ignorance.
The black community needs honesty. The black Conservatives will provide the honesty that they need, but it is going to be difficult to get people to find out about the truth with the bombardment of the disinformation from people like Jamilah Lemieux that spew out their anti-Conservative disparagement, even when the messenger is black. And, surely, when the messenger is white like me. Jamilah won't like this post, I can assure you of that! Just sayin'...

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