Monday, March 31, 2014

Seven Hard Truths Liberals Just Don’t Want To Hear ~ By Kurt Schlichter

Liberalism is magical thinking promulgated by cynical exploiters upon the eternally gullible and the chronically lazy. It’s a political Ponzi scheme, and today’s participants are the unlucky marks coming in at the end of the grift.

Liberalism will collapse of its own dead weight. And when it does, you true believers better be ready for the hard truth that there is no such thing as a free lunch.
I need to continue on from what Kurt Schlichter said was Hard Truth Number 7:
And that leads to Hard Truth Number 7: This can’t go on.

Lady [Margaret] Thatcher famously formulated that, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money.” And you will.

What I need to tell you is there are even more Hard Truths that you should know about:

Hard Truth Number 8: When the Ponzi system goes broke, the most likely result will be tyranny, and probably genocide. You probably will not be able to vote Conservatives into power; forget about trying to remove the likes of Harry Reid from control of the Senate; and we won't be taking back the White House anytime soon, either. In places like North Korea, the Dear Leader gets 100% of the vote.

Hard Truth Number 9:  There are Liberals that knew very well about the first eight Hard Truths, and that was their plan all along! Well, their plan for at least 100 years, anyway, was to upend our culture, eliminate religion, divide the population by race and class warfare, and dumb down the kids with the indoctrination centers they call public schools...

But, perhaps, there is one more Hard Truth to discuss.  What I consider to be Hard Truth Number 10: There are hardcore, gun-toting, Bible clinging "redneck" patriots out here that are going to make your plan much more difficult to achieve. This is Amazing America!!! This isn't the end of what some of us have to say.  It is not over yet!  I'm just sayin'...

H/T to Jan Morgan for leading me to this video!

H/T to Louis Van Marm, one of my Brother Tea Partiers, for the email that lead me to Kurt Schlichter's awesome column, and for a follow-up email that gave me encouragement to stay inspired to keep blogging and hoping that we can still turn this country around!

Seven Hard Truths Liberals Just Don’t Want To Hear
Kurt Schlichter
By Kurt Schlichter

March 31, 2014


It’s difficult to understand liberals when you don’t live in their sheltered cocoon of participation trophies, faux caring and feel-good lies.

Those of us who labor in the real world – who built this country, who make it work and who defend it – deal with reality. Most liberals don’t. And that can be baffling, because when they speak they sound like visitors from the planet Nimrod.

Now, some liberals do understand the real world. They are the cynical liberal icons, the ones who know their entire ideology is a scam designed to wring power and wealth from the gullible.

They are the rich ones who cry about poverty and racism then gleefully consign poor and minority kids to public school failure factories by doing the bidding of their unionized teacher partners and torpedoing educational choice. Their own kids wouldn’t get within a mile of an inner city public school, except maybe to swing by in the Mercedes C-Class they got for their 16th birthday to buy some weed from the gangbangers infesting it.

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