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Unreal: Obama Skips National Security Team Meeting On Russian Invasion Of Ukraine ~ By Mike Miller

This is a quintessential example of why Obama is often ridiculed over foreign policy. The White House calendar showed he had no scheduled events on Saturday. Even Joe Biden joined the meeting via teleconference. Yet, the Leader of the Free World couldn’t find time to attend his own National Security Team meeting on the quickly deteriorating events in Ukraine, relying instead on being “briefed” by Susan Rice, of all people?

Along with Obama’s inability to distinguish between campaigning and governing is his inability to understand that sometimes perception is more important than fact. This was a meeting that he needed to not be reported as one he did not attend.
"What difference at this point does it make?" That seems to be the overall complacent attitude of the entire Obama administration when it comes to anything to do with national security. We saw it before on 9/11/12 when four Americans were killed in a terrorist attack in Benghazi. Wouldn't you think that the President would attend a National Security briefing when Russia invaded Ukraine's sovereign territory in Crimea? And though this incident has staggering implications on America's lack of ability to deter aggression that violates international law, Obama would skip the meeting? And this weekend, where is Obama? On vacation in Florida. Oh, and meanwhile, Vice President Joe Biden is in the Virgin Islands.
The White House brushed off concerns Friday that, with the crisis in Crimea intensifying, now might not be the best time for President Obama -- and his vice president -- to go on vacation.

The travel schedules of both the president and Vice President Biden have come under scrutiny, given the rapidly changing situation in Ukraine. Obama, already in Florida to talk about education, was planning to spend some family time this weekend in Key Largo, Fla., where he arrived late in the day. Biden, meanwhile, will be in the Virgin Islands.
That's right. Despite a crisis. Just sayin'...

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Unreal: Obama Skips National Security Team Meeting On Russian Invasion Of Ukraine
By Mike Miller

March 2, 2014

On Independent Journal Review

Barack Obama’s National Security Team met at the White House Saturday to discuss the deepening crisis in Ukraine, which now includes Russian troops entering Crimea and occupying government buildings.

Those in attendance were: Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey, and CIA Director John Brennan.

Those not in attendance were: Barack Obama.

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