Friday, March 21, 2014

Gun Parts Store Owner Claims ATF Tried to Make a Secret Deal for the Names of His Customers

The ATF “is conducting a lawful criminal investigation of the illegal manufacture, distribution, sale, and possession of AR-15 variant lower receivers, which are considered firearms under the Firearms Control Act,” the federal agency said in its ex parte application.

The federal agency in its application referred to the receivers in question as “firearms,” a designation Karras claims is outright false.

It’s not a firearm,” he said on Real News. “The ATF knows the information that they put in their determination letter is false. It’s incorrect. It’s based on fiction. It’s a fantasy. They already know that.
Because I am not an attorney, I won't try to tell you if the gun parts store CEO, Dimitri Karras, is correct or not. The ATF was saying a certain gun part that the store was selling violated Federal law. That is part of this case that is in question. But the biggest question is whether or not the ATF really needed to carry out a raid on the store locations with guns drawn, and then confiscated not just the gun parts, but all of the store's computers, which of course, had the customer information on them.

This story is being brought to you here because of the highly questionable motives and tactics of this federal agency, known as the ATF.  Below, you will see a video of an interview segment on Fox News Network's "Real Story," with guest host Jenna Lee filling in for Gretchen Carlson.

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There was also an interview of Dimitri Karras on TheBlazeTV's Real News (a coincidence?) with Buck Sexton. But, for some reason, TheBlazeTV video embed code isn't working, so here is the link to it.

By now, I am sure, you probably got the gist. Not only is the U.S. government crossing the line when it comes to the 2nd Amendment, they are also willing to assault the 4th Amendment. What happened to Dimitri Karras can happen to any of us. Keep that in mind. But, don't be afraid. You are not alone. We surround you. Just sayin'...


Gun Parts Store Owner Claims ATF Tried to Make a Secret Deal for the Names of His Customers
By Becket Adams

March 19, 2014 ~ 12:25pm


The CEO of a gun parts store in California on Monday accused the ATF of trying to obtain the names of nearly 5,000 of his customers by striking a secret deal with him.

Agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives “basically said, ‘Listen, we know you’re a legitimate business. We know you’re doing everything fine. Hand over the list of names, hand over this particular product that we have now deemed to be a firearm and everything’s going to be fine. Nobody will know about it. It will be swept under the rug,’” Ares Armor owner Dimitrios Karras said.

Karras, whose store was raided over the weekend by federal agents, made the claim during an interview on TheBlaze TV’s Real News.

‘Nobody’s going to know that you handed over these names.’

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