Thursday, July 30, 2009

Guess how many ways to get Hawaii 'birth certificate'

Some required nothing more than assertion from an adult By Bob Unruh Posted: July 29, 2009 10:57 pm Eastern © 2009 WorldNetDaily An analysis of Hawaii's birth recording requirements around the time of Barack Obama's 1961 birth reveals several ways to generate a "Certificate of Birth," including some that require no documentation other than the assertion of a adult. The word comes in a report by an investigator commissioned by a retired CIA officer. The report was posted online by the Western Center for Journalism, which withheld the officer's name. "In the State of Hawaii, back in 1961, there were four different ways to get an 'original birth certificate' on record," the investigator says, including a report to the Department of Health from an attending physician or midwife. But if the certificate was obtained through any of the other three options, "Obama would have a very good reason not to release the vault birth certificate," the investigator said. "If the original certificate were the standard … type of birth certificate (documented by a physician or midwife), he would have allowed its release and brought the controversy to a quick end," the report said. The investigator said if the birth certificate was obtained by one of the other methods, then it contributes to the overall questions raised about Obama's eligibility. [CONTINUE READING, because there is a lot more to this story!]
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  1. The time lines, places, actions, motives, when analyzed, support, and are consistent with, what is the answer to the Obama birth puzzle:

    Obama’s grandmother is his mother and his mother is his sister.

    Think about it. Review all the facts and claims.