Thursday, July 23, 2009

Obama to America: 'Who's your daddy?' ~ By Erik Rush

By Erik Rush Posted: July 23, 2009 1:00 am Eastern © 2009 Recently, I was discussing President Obama's so-called health care reform proposal with someone in the health care industry. This person was not in favor of the legislation, enumerating many of the reasons it is a horrible idea; still, he was somewhat unclear as to the motivation of those in government, particularly Obama, who are almost perceptibly aching to get it through. In addition to the reasons not to implement this variety of health care reform, which fall into the realm of common sense, historic and economic concerns, we discussed our disquietude as regards the level of power doing so would give the federal government, the potential consequences of which are not being discussed in the establishment press. "Have you ever considered the possibility that the reason they are seeking that degree of control is that – like others before them – they're simply evil?" I asked. After all, despots and tyrannical governments have never come along and said: "Hi, I'm evil. Would you mind putting the future and fortunes of yourself and your posterity into my hands? Thank you very much." Typically, they devise a manner by which they might acquire the power desired before they manifest their true intentions. More often than not it is in the form of a real smoothie who represents himself as something wholly other than what he is. Apropos Americans who support the currently proposed health care reform and President Obama's other obscenely expensive and risky schemes (remember that oft-uttered charge from the George W. Bush years?), the questions remain, ones that have many American brains in knots right about now: Why would people who owe everything they have to a system that promotes life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness wish to advance a system that promotes stultification (death), slavery and poverty? Why would those who have secured such blessings opt for changes that will drastically curtail the opportunity for subsequent generations to enjoy the same blessings? Considering some who are of this class – primarily politicians – the answer is easy: These are people who are incapable – or perceive themselves as incapable – of prospering within the framework of a competitive system wherein production and contribution are recompensed commensurate with the inherent value (of the contribution) to society. The reason they favor socialism and Marxism over representative republics and capitalism is that they and others like them stand to profit more in the long run within a system in which their particular talents – duplicity, nefariousness and guile – supplant those of our current system. [CONTINUE READING]
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