Friday, July 31, 2009

The 'non-issue' everyone is talking about ~ By Joseph Farah

By Joseph Farah Posted: July 29, 2009 1:00 am Eastern © 2009 Have you noticed the way the rest of the media discusses the Barack Obama eligibility story? Everyone from Ann Coulter and Michael Medved and Neal Boortz on the right to Geraldo Rivera and Chris Matthews and CNN's heretofore unknown president want you to know there's nothing to talk about here. But yet they keep on talking about it. And they never really explain why they are talking about it and why it's not worth talking about – other than the fact that it's all been researched before and Barack Obama really is a "natural born citizen." Now, as one of only a handful of colleagues who has actually investigated this matter – most of whom work for me – I would like to understand from these people how that little matter was settled. Is one of them capable of uttering even one articulate, coherent statement that would help me understand how Obama established his constitutional eligibility for office? Did he produce an actual long-form birth certificate that would show which doctor delivered him and in which hospital? Who are the two U.S. citizen parents to whom he was born – an absolute requirement to be a "natural born citizen" circa 1961? Why do these media people show so little natural curiosity about the conflicting stories that have been dished out by Hawaiian officials claiming they have inspected the original document and later claiming the original document was destroyed in 2001? Can any of these people point to any official document from Obama's past that he has willingly released? Now, I like Ann Coulter. I consider her a good friend. But when she starts hurling labels like "crank" toward me and my news agency – the only one, by the way, that has thoughtfully, meticulously and thoroughly investigated this matter for 11 months – I take offense. I expect what I get from the others. When the facts finally come out – and they will – I doubt I will get an apology from any of them except Coulter. But clearly, this is not a left-right issue. This is not a conservative-liberal issue. This is not a Democrat-Republican issue. This is not an ideological issue. This is a matter of what's true and what's not. It's a matter as simple as whether we take the Constitution seriously and do our best to see that it is honored and observed and defended. [emphasis mine] [CONTINUE READING]
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