Saturday, July 18, 2009

Obamacare -- the cure is worse than the illness ~ By Anthony G. Martin

By Anthony G. Martin ~ Columbia Conservative Examiner July 17, 2:01 PM According to all of the top public opinion polls, a full 70% of Americans are either pleased or satisfied with their current healthcare plan. That figure represents upwards of 250 million Americans. By their own admission, Obama administration officials and Democrats in Congress concede that the trillion-dollar 'Obamacare' proposal will cover only an estimated 8 million Americans who currently do not have insurance. Hidden in the details is another highly troublesome item indicating that 20 million ILLEGAL ALIENS will be covered under the plan. Question: why spend a trillion bucks of taxpayers' money at a time when the economic ship of state is sinking fast in order to pay for only 8 million uninsured Americans and 20 million illegal aliens? Especially when 250 million Americans do not want to change from their current healthcare plan? I have never been one to contend that there are no problems with America's current healthcare system. Some of it needs to be fixed. But when the fix or 'cure' is worse than the illness, it is tantamount to dismantling an entire vehicle from top to bottom in order to repair a small dent in the side door. It makes absolutely no sense from a logical point of view. That is, until one looks beneath the surface. The ultimate goal of Obamacare is not healthcare for all Americans but CONTROL. When government controls your healthcare decisions, it controls your entire life, including end-of-life issues. And this is precisely what Obama and his minions in the Congress desire. It has been the goal of extremist Leftists ever since the 1960s to change America from top to bottom, discarding capitalism in lieu of Socialism, discarding the Constitution in lieu of implementing a Court-dominated society where edicts are handed down from elitist social engineers who expect the citizens to obey their dictates, and turning the Presidency into an office the main function of which is to enforce the edicts of the elite. If you don't believe it, just read some of the writings of Saul Alinsky from the 1960s -- the man Obama describes as one of his top 'mentors.' Alinsky's Rules for Radicals tells the story of the ultimate goal of these 'agents of change.' (Note: I have added my own emphasis and links to the above paragraph~j2k) [CONTINUE READING]
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