Monday, July 20, 2009

Pushing toward amnesty, Part 1 ~ By Barbara Simpson

By Barbara Simpson Posted: July 20, 2009 1:00 am Eastern © 2009 If you think we're getting the bums rush toward government control of our lives and businesses by the Obama administration – as my favorite uncle used to say – you ain't seen nothin' yet! If Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have their way, the next big project will be another nail in the "coffin of change" that the last election inflicted on us – U.S. Just look at our borders and think "open door." The Democrats want it and are just waiting until they're done with medical care changes, after everything else they've changed. What's lingering in the background is called "comprehensive immigration reform." It may be comprehensive, but it's not "reform." It's flat-out amnesty, and while media avoid it, Democrats will put it on the front burner – so get ready, here it comes. To say Obama has a full plate with all the programs and changes pushed through Congress is an understatement. It's not only the number of changes liberal politicians have foisted on Americans – remember, Obama did promise "change" – it's the staggering costs, growing national debt, increasing unemployment, built-in intrusions into private lives and basic changes in American culture and way of life. The focus now is on the health care "reform" that Obama insists must be completed this summer. And while the media all but ignore them, we still face the growing Middle East crisis, nuclear threats against us, concerns about Russia and China and a ramped-up war in Afghanistan where too many of our troops are sitting ducks for rogue suicide bombers or IEDs, and their casualties and deaths are only noted in random news reports. Hey, President Obama, our troops are being killed in a war you almost never mention yet continue to expand and, that some fear, carries the growing stench of Vietnam. But on the home front, immigration amnesty is next; just listen to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid:
We're going to do it all at once, and we're going to have comprehensive immigration reform that will include taking care of our borders, a decent guest-worker program, bringing the 11 million people out of the shadows, doing something that's so important with the employer-sanctions bill that really is a catch-22 for everyone and a number of other things. We're going to do it all in one piece of legislation, not give people an excuse that they voted for one thing and think that they're through with it.
[CONTINUE READING - Barbara will decode that quote for you!]
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