Friday, July 31, 2009

Beer, Obubba and the dictator's dream ~ By Erik Rush

By Erik Rush Posted: July 30, 2009 1:00 am Eastern © 2009 The Cambridge, Mass., police couldn't have stumbled upon a more unfortunate individual with whom to have a run-in. Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. is a friend of President Obama. He is also the director of Harvard's W.E.B. Du Bois Institute for African and African-American Research – which probably translates into his being one of the "Marxist professors" with whom Obama admits he went out of his way to align himself while in college, according to his book "Dreams From My Father." You'll have to forgive me (well, actually, you don't) if the fact that the 58-year-old Gates is considered one of America's pre-eminent black scholars, and that he was once noted as one of Time magazine's most influential people don't impress. As such, I don't see him as being any more than an agent of the negrophiliac social convention that keeps black Americans resentful, desperate, ignorant, impoverished and – oh, yes – voting for progressives. It's also the same convention that got Obama elected, while we're at it. It would only be fair to bring us all up to speed before I explain the irrelevance of the Gates issue to the American people compared to what's really going on here (while acknowledging that race relations remains a contentious issue in America, of course): On July 16, professor Gates was arrested for disorderly conduct at his home after Cambridge, Mass., police contacted him there, responding to a call about a possible home invasion. When queried, Gates began screaming about being profiled as a criminal because he was "a black man in America," accusing the police of racism, and being profoundly uncooperative. Hence the arrest. When police officials discovered who Gates was (regarding his position and credentials), they recommended the charges be dropped against him – but it was already too late. Not only was Gates shrieking to anyone who would listen respecting the "racist treatment" he had received from police, but his buddy, President Obama, had weighed in with his own Anglophobic, anti-law enforcement drivel, declaring that the police had acted "stupidly."
Okay, the above was the background of Erik's story, but the heart of what was going on doesn't really get said until towards the end of the column:
By the end of last week, Obama's statement had become the media story due to the outcry from outraged police agencies the nation over, so much so that he was compelled to hold a press conference to address the issue. Why? Because he is trying to get his communistic so-called health care bill passed; this has dwindling support, and his own poll numbers are dropping. Communistic, you say? Quite so – and this is why the Gates matter has become a smokescreen. Obama needs all of the political capital he has to get this atrocity passed. Right now, everything is about the bill, which is chock-full of provisions that will place government control over the lives of every American. Health care is but a pretext; this bill is a dictator's dream. Read it for yourself. As he explained his stupid "stupidly" remark away during the Friday press conference, Obama reminded us that black Americans are "sensitive" apropos the police and racism. On that point, he is correct; today, it is largely because of people like him and all of the other race-baiting, influential blacks for whom perpetuating the myth of America being a racist nation has been an imperative for decades. Now, in the interest of his image, Obama the peacemaker gwine have himself a sit-down with the professor and the cop and get all bubbafied over a beer. Just tugs at my heart-strings something fierce. But make no mistake. It's all about the bill. [emphasis mine] [READ COMPLETE COLUMN]
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