Wednesday, July 29, 2009

America: Past, Present and Future...Part II ~ By Glenn Beck

By Glenn Beck July 28, 2009 - 13:30 ET Dear family and friends, Yesterday I shared my thoughts on the challenges and threats facing America as I see them. What I’m going to share today are some examples from history of countries, including our own, which faced similar challenges (to greater or lesser degrees) and how those countries faired while confronting those challenges. I wanted to look at history because too many people call into the radio show or send an email after watching the television show and tell me “not too worry” about America because we’ve faced worse hardships before and have not only overcome them but have emerged stronger. I understand the American spirit. I understand that we are the country that took on the Nazis, Fascist Italy and Imperial Japan and won. I understand that we stood toe-to-toe with the Soviet Union over 40 years and defeated them in the Cold War. I know that we are a country of fighters and that Americans are capable of conquering any challenge—but the belief that great things happen to America just because we’re America—that’s just plain wrong. Thrift, hard-work, sacrifice by our parents, grandparents and their mothers and fathers went hand-in-hand with the thrift, hard-work and sacrifice we collectively made as a country—that’s what produced unparalleled strength and success. Today, we face difficult times. We stand at cross-roads as a country. Where we eventually end up will be determined by the decisions each of us makes today and in the weeks and months ahead. Great countries don’t collapse, they transform. [Emphasis mine] The Soviet Union in 1991 didn’t disappear after its political and economic model collapsed, it transformed and is still transforming. Weimar Germany’s government collapsed as did its economy but Germany continued—at first down the national socialist path—and now as a democracy. [CONTINUE READING]
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