Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mr. Obama, show us your birth certificate! ~ By Pat Boone

By Pat Boone Posted: June 27, 2009 1:00 am Eastern © 2009
I fly a lot. It's gotten to be such a hassle that I'm cutting down on my air travel, and even turning down a number of engagements because I just don't want to go through the ordeal at the airports. What ordeal? If you ask that question, you must not have flown anywhere since 9/11. I'm talking about the security gauntlet every passenger has to go through! If you have flown anywhere, you've had to get in the lines. Take off every bit of metal bigger than a dime, your jacket, hat and shoes, perhaps your belt … and, if you have a computer, put it in a separate tray, hoping for a reunion after you pass your body through a powerful scanner. If you have a metal knee or hip replacement or a pacemaker, you'll probably have to go through a separate line and submit to a "wand scan" and even a hands-on "pat down." It can be quite humiliating, and the process can even cause you to miss your plane, after all that. If you've checked into a hotel lately, you know you always have to produce your driver's license or valid photo identification. Same if you want to rent a car. When you shop at Costco, for Pete's sake, you have to prove you're who you are and that you're a credentialed Costco shopper with a valid credit card (which they'll verify on the spot) just to get in the door. When you get gas – if you can still afford it to – and you want to use your credit card, you pass it into a slot checker, and still have to punch in your zip code. Right? In today's world, you have to be ready to show valid, verifiable identification for almost anything you want to buy or do. What about applying for the most powerful, consequential, dangerous office in the world – THE PRESIDENCY OF THE UNITED STATES? I know; this suspicion, this question about whether Barack Hussein Barry Soetoro Obama was actually born in the United States – as the Constitution explicitly demands – has been circulating for months, since before he won the election last November. He, or somebody in his confidence, posted a supposed copy of a Hawaiian "Certification of Live Birth," or COLB, on his presidential campaign website – even though a COLB, under Hawaiian rules, does not necessarily prove in-state birth. Some found the document, which does not list the hospital of birth or attending physician, to be fake. Since then, a widely known and experienced investigator and WorldNetDaily reporter, Dr. Jerome Corsi, flew to Kenya in search of a certificate of birth he had reason to believe existed there. But he was detained and stonewalled by Kenyan officials. He couldn't obtain confirmation – but received no denial. He was just ordered to leave the country. During that same time, some reported seeing a videotaped proclamation by his paternal step-grandmother that she was in the delivery room and saw Barack H. Obama born in Mombasa, in what is now Kenya! Because of the furor and allegations, and because candidate Obama wouldn't or couldn't produce a valid long-form birth certificate, an official or two were dispatched from Washington to see if one existed in Hawaii. After a brief huddled conference with a local data and statistic keeper, from which no press statements were released, there was a brief and quiet announcement that the matter was "resolved." What does that mean? Many who know more than I do about what actually happened, notably the United States Justice Foundation, have surmised that baby Obama's mother, about to have her child in Kenya, had booked a flight to Hawaii but was prohibited from flying because delivery was so imminent. But soon after baby Barack was born, USJF theorizes she flew with him to Oahu and obtained some kind of "record of birth" as if he'd been born there. [CONTINUE READING]
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