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Trump speaks the unspeakable ~ By Robert Ringer

What a great novel all this would make … though it would have to be toned down quite a bit for it to be more believable to discerning readers. In the meantime, I hope Donald Trump presses forward and uses his considerable clout to force into the open what could be the biggest political scandal in the history of this country.
In the column I posted yesterday, I mentioned that we "can thank Donald Trump for ramping up the attention the story is receiving now."  In this column, Robert Ringer would seem to be agreeing with my assessment. Robert wrote: "I find it so refreshing that someone of Donald Trump's stature had the courage to come forward and demand that Barack Obama produce his birth certificate."

Back on March 31, I wrote, "Now that Donald Trump has stepped into the mix, mostly beginning with his appearance on 'The View,' it is a whole new ball game." And here's the thing: Donald Trump apparently has a quick learning curve.  He has taken the time to learn about the available information (because of WND's extensive research? Ya think?), and he has the courage to ask that question about the birth certificate. And that is even with the possibility that Donald is going to run for President!

So, we now have something very interesting to consider. Trump's question about the Obama eligibility proof has not - I repeat - HAS NOT hurt him in the straw polls for being the next GOP candidate for President. I mean, is that weird, or what? Can you believe it? Why wasn't Donald ridiculed into oblivion after stating his opinion on shows such as "The View"? Oh, he received the ridicule, but for some reason, this time, it didn't seem to stick.

Because of Donald Trump, Obama's eligibility issue is no longer "unspeakable" amongst the "elite" class. I am hoping that people in the media will actually try to do some research, and discover why there is this anomaly in politics. But here is a clue for the liberal media that should now be embarrassed that they weren't paying attention because of their bias: Guess who the American public pays more attention to? Donald Trump, or you? And the irony is, the liberal media helped Donald Trump be who he is in public notoriety!

Congratulations, liberals! You've been "Trumped"! I'm just sayin'....

Rush Limbaugh slammed for 'avoiding' eligibility

Trump speaks the unspeakable

By Robert Ringer

April 08, 2011 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2011

I've long wondered if Republicans can field a candidate who has the courage to ignore the unwritten rule that it's politically incorrect to speak the truth about America's current make-believe president.

When George Bush graciously turned over the White House keys to the mysterious man with the mysterious background, few realized he was handing America's top secrets to the enemies from within. But given the swiftness with which Obama began implementing his collectivist, anti-America agenda, it didn't take long for millions of voters to wake up. Sadly, however, many more millions still choose to ignore his anti-American words and actions and write off those who oppose him as racists or right-wing radicals.

Which is why I find it so refreshing that someone of Donald Trump's stature had the courage to come forward and demand that Barack Obama produce his birth certificate. Notwithstanding all the evidence that has been presented by Jerome Corsi and others who have been on top of this issue since long before Obama was elected, the left has succeeded in silencing anyone who has dared broach the subject by writing them off as conspiracy nuts.

And BHO himself has displayed incredible chutzpah when pressed on the subject, on one occasion even wisecracking to Brian Williams, "I can't spend all my time with my birth certificate plastered on my forehead." Nice Alinsky-like diversionary tactic, Barack, but it's not working so well anymore. In fact, even the master of the tingled leg, Chris Matthews, is suggesting that you put to bed all this ridiculous talk about your not being a citizen by simply producing your birth certificate. What a novel idea.

That Obama apparently does not have an authentic U.S. birth certificate is becoming increasingly evident. If he did have such a document, he would have to be an arrogant fool not to put it on public display to shut up all those crazy birthers. Arrogant, yes. But fool … I don't think so.

Bill O'Reilly has long snickered at anyone who broached the birther subject, always insisting that his staff had "already checked it out." But when Trump recently pressed him on the issue, O'Reilly said that what his people had found was a birth announcement in two Hawaii newspapers. Tell you what, Bill. If you'd like an announcement of some kind put in any newspaper in the country, just pay me a hundred bucks and I'll be happy to do it for you – quickly and easily.

I don't claim to have done any serious investigation on this subject, but, based on Obama's own refusal to make his birth certificate available to at least (all) members of the press, I have no choice but to assume that he was not born in this country. Kind of a familiar theme, since he also had all of his records sealed at Columbia (where no one from his class seems to have any recollection of him) and Harvard.

But let's not get hung up on a little thing like where Obama was born. It's just that I have this gnawing piece of advice stuck in the back of my mind: "Trust, but verify."

Whatever his place of birth, the one thing that is clear are Obama's own words and actions throughout the part of his career that is actually documented. It's time to start talking openly about the guy who vowed to fundamentally change the United States of America and stop pretending as though he's just another moderate liberal who's "not up to the task" of governing.


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