Thursday, April 28, 2011

A few thoughts from a 'birther' ~ By Craige McMillan

Finally, the long-form birth certificate does nothing to quell the natural-born-citizen issue, which our Founding Fathers found important enough to write into the Constitution. If the reports of the senior Obama's British citizenship are true, Obama would not be natural-born – and would be unable to legally hold the office of president. That will be a more esoteric, but none the less important, argument. Most of the population, however, does not likely care.  [emphasis my own]

I am really ticked this morning! Grrrr! No, I'm not upset with Craige McMillan. In fact, I loved Craige's column! He had a great way of writing a few of the things I was thinking, particularly in the paragraph in the excerpt above.

I had just read and posted another column here on this blog this morning that says it all. In "Obama challengers: Doc proves president ineligible," it was thoroughly explained why the President's long-form birth certificate (called a Certificate of Live Birth in Hawaii) may end up providing the proof that Barack Obama is not constitutionally eligible to be President of the United States. It may all come down to what "natural-born citizen" means.

Then what has me so agitated? Is it the fact that all day yesterday, and especially this morning, I kept hearing news readers on radio and TV exclaiming what a relief it was that Obama's citizenship is now proven? Here is a summary of the kind of things that I heard: He was born in Hawaii. No question now. The story is over. There's nothing to see here. We need to move on now so that we don't distract the President (from his golf games) with this silliness... yaddi yaddi yadda... But everyone of those so-called "journalists" neglected to mention that many constitutional scholars believe that a "natural-born citizen," as the Founders intended it to mean, required that BOTH parents were U.S. citizens. Oops!

Craige obviously hits the nail on the head when he writes, "Most of the population, however, does not likely care." This is what happens when the citizens are being indoctrinated to ignore the intricacies of the Constitution of the United States.

I have one last portion of my rant that I hate to even mention, but I must. On Glenn Beck's radio program this morning, Glenn, Pat and Stu were ridiculing all of the various conspiracy theories regarding the Obama birth certificate. But never did they mention that in the minds of some, there is still that question of Obama's Constitutional eligibility; not because of the birth certificate itself, but because of that pesky "natural-born citizen" clause in Article II, Section 1. The intent of the Founders which Glenn and his staff have always paid great attention to in the past was completely avoided in this case. I just can not explain that kind of indifference - or negligence - on the part of somebody like Glenn Beck who normally pays so much attention to details. It has unleashed my deepest concerns of a vast conspiracy. I don't have any other way to explain it.  I'm just sayin'...

A few thoughts from a 'birther'
By Craige McMillan

April 28, 2011 ~ 1:00 am Eastern

© 2011

The release yesterday of Mr. Obama's long-form birth certificate is a welcome development for America. I think, however, that a few cautions are in order before we put the "birther" issue to bed.

First, I believe this shows that Donald Trump was correct in his strategic assessment that Obama had planned to use the birth certificate issue as a distraction during the 2012 election campaign. Trump's efforts have denied him that ability.

Second, Trump has shown that even an issue that socialist big-media have delivered last rites over can be dug up and resurrected from the old ink-drum burial ground and brought to the forefront of public opinion by a prominent individual. This is a real slap in the face to the GOP establishment in our nation's capital. It shows that the tea party must continue to bring challengers forward during the primaries to remove the fossilized deadwood in the GOP.

Third, I think that, given the level of deceit shown by Mr. Obama to date, the physical birth certificate needs to be inspected by a panel of forensic document experts who visit it in its Hawaiian archive home. I would suggest that this be done on a live television broadcast, without edits. I say this only because Mr. Obama has had two years to use some of the best document forgers in the world (if our intelligence agencies still hold that distinction) to produce a long-form birth certificate. Yet he will still have found it difficult to alter the physical record that exists in Hawaii's archives.


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